Tuesday, July 31, 2018


Hello everyone.

Its been about 2 weeks since my last post and I am noticing it is getting harder and harder to find time to blog. Where in the world is time going? Where has this year gone? Once I blink twice Christmas will be here again. OMG, and where in the world am I going to find time to do all the decorating I do.
I have not been to Michaels nor Joanns nor Hobby Lobby but everyone is telling me that Fall and Christmas stuff is already out. I was like WHAT?????? How????? No Way!!!!!!!! ARGHHHHH.
But I am not complaining, I just wish life would slow down a little. Or should I slow down? LOL.

I have been so busy between the 2 homes and with life itself I see myself waking up and going to sleep. And not realizing where the day has gone. Is everyone else feeling the same? It can't be just me.

On another note:

Here are a few layouts I created at the last scrapbooking event I attended.

This layout I created with circles. I had seen a layout on pinterest with circles and I loved the idea, so I scrap lifted it, (well sort of because mine looks nothing like the one on pinterest). I added pictures of my nieces baby Anaya who is 3 now.
Talking about Time, I baby sat her, her first 9 months more less and now she is 3. Can't believe how big she is and how time has passed by so quickly.

This layout I also created for her album. I hope she can appreciate all the hard work us Scrapbookers put into layouts. I now when my girls come over they ask me to pull out there albums as they go thru them they ask when, where and why I took those pictures of them. LOL. But it is nice to go back and see how much they have grown. They are now 29 and 26 and again where in the world has Time gone. They have grown up so quickly, sometimes I feel like it was just yesterday that I gave birth to them.

I made another layout just like the one above for my other nieces baby. He is now 3 months old. He is such a cutie pie. Such a sweet baby. Always smiling now and just happy.

I am really enjoying creating layouts for both my nieces babies. Although Time is flying by, I am really trying hard to get albums done for them to enjoy one day when they are older.

Thank you for stopping by today and visiting my blog.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

One Week & still going

Good morning to everyone.

I attended a one week scrapbooking event in Vero Beach and wanted to post a few pictures and some layouts I created.

Here is a layout that Beatriz and I put together. I paper pieced the image of the mermaid and Beatriz from Amazing Grace came up with the rest. 
You have to go and check out her blog. She has great kits and she sells them. 
Here is the link to her blog: https://beatrizguzman58.blogspot.com.

This little toy Pug I purchased because it is exactly like my kids dog. Not the cutest thing but cute at the same time. So he goes with me to crops and I display him on my light. 

This picture is one we took at Cracker Barrel. The six of us went for lunch and had a great time chit chatting and enjoying each others company. 
Starting from the back left was Nelsa, her mom Caridad, and Nena. Then from the back right hand side Carol, myself in the middle and Lydia in the front. 

This is Mercy scrapbooking. 

And here is Teresa's area. She brings tons of things from home. Had her stuff hauled on a trailer because it all would not fit in her car. 

And here is a bin Teresa brought from home filled with paper. 

This crop was a one week crop and we had a great time attending daily. The following week we had a 4 day crop and I will be back with pictures of that event and layouts I put together. 

Thank you all for stopping by.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

DISNEY Hotel Room Decorations

Well, hello everyone.

As I was on Pinterest this week, I came across a Disney hotel room window decorated. I thought it was so cool because I had done the same 2 years ago. My husband, brother, sister-in-law and I visited Disney World in Orlando for New years. And of course I had to be a child and decorate our room window.

Here are a few pictures of us ringing in the New Year and the room window decorated.

Here is the window in our room decorated. I cut each of the images with my Cricut Explore

Here is my sister-in-law.

And this is my dear husband. 

This is that Magical Kiss when the New Year rang in. 

Pictures of us just having fun with our Goofy hats. Well my husband was a goofy hat, mine lit up blue. 

This last picture was all 4 of us taken by the photographers. 

Hope you all like the decorations and have enjoyed this post. I know it is a random post, but I really thought it would be fun to show how I decorated our room. 

Sunday, July 1, 2018

4th of July Decorations

Hello everyone.

Just wanted to share my 4th of July decorations with you all.

The table setting was a mixture of dishes gifted to me by a dear friend Carol, and the red bowl were a  Goodwill find for just 99 cents each. Could not pass them up. The flag on the wall is up all year round. I love America Flags.

 Here is a close up of the setting. The napkins I painted the stripes and then added some trim and a gold star. The glasses were also a Goodwill find for just 50 cents each.

Here is a close up of the American flag. I purchased it last year at Kirklands after the 4th for just under $ 20.00. The frame was also a thrifting find for $ 2.50.

Here is the main dining area. Added some beads in the good old red, white and blue to the statue. Some star stickers and USA stickers, stars inside the candle holders and the 2 frames from Michaels last year. They do light up.

This is the entry table, added a bow to the bird cage and then added the other bird cages as well.

And lastly I added a bow to this bid cage and that frame.

Nothing big but enough to make me Happy. Hope everyone has a great Happy 4th.

Thursday, June 21, 2018


Good morning everyone. Hope everyone is having a great week.

I had a wonderful Father's Day, with my dad. He lives with us now since my moms passing. I tried to get him to move in with me since the beginning but I guess he was not ready to let go of the place him and my mom had together. He still has the condo but lives here with us.

I had my sisters come to see him on Father's Day and have a small get together for him. I think he was happy that the girls were all here. I had mini sandwiches, chips and my sisters both brought things to much on as well. It was a fun day. My niece came as well with her newborn. My oldest daughter came as well but when everyone had left already.

Here is a picture of my Dad, us girls, my niece and the baby. Four generations all together.

And here are us girls with my niece and the baby. Oh and lets not forget my furry son Roscoe.

Hope you celebrated your Father's day with loved ones. This is definitely a day and moment you won't get back.

Have a great weekend and I will be back, soon with either scrapbooking layouts or  pictures of scrapbooking room.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Our front Porch

So I said I would be back weekly and I am seriously trying to keep up with the blog, the 2 houses, my Dad, my husband and of course Roscoe (our Golden). But I am in no shape or form complaining. I am blessed and I mean more than blessed to have everything I have. I am grateful daily to God for everything He has given us and continues to give us. Especially, health.

We have had lots and lots of rain this week. Actually it had been raining since Sunday non stop. Finally today has been a beautiful sunny day In Vero Beach, FL. But they are predicting more rain for the weekend. Starting tomorrow. ARGHHH. Although we do need the rain.

With that being said, I will now show you pictures of our front porch.

I don't know if you could really see the turtle under the fern. It is our new member of the family. LOL. His name is William but we call him Willie.
Long story short, the girls and I had gone shopping to Kirklands, saw Wille and instantly fell in love, but we all said that if we showed up with him at home, our husbands would kill us. Just a figure of speech. But a few days later my husband and I went back to Kirklands (about 45 minutes away) and as soon as he saw him, he said we are taking him home. I could not believe it. I was cracking up and immediately texted 2 of the girls. They could not believe it. Too funny. So we now have Willie, whom greets everyone as soon as they walk up to the front door.
Hope you guys like him.

Thank you for stoping by my blog and hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day.
Until next time.

Monday, May 7, 2018

Happy Monday

Well hello everyone again. I said I would be back weekly and I will do everything possible to do just that.

This weekend was actually lots of fun. My husband and I went to the Vero home for the weekend. we celebrated for the first time Cinco de Mayo. I was the designated cook and if anyone knows me, they know I do not cook. I'm actually allergic to the kitchen. LOL. Just a figure of speech. I made fajitas, with skirt steak and chicken and I also made turkey ground meat. I cooked peppers (green, yellow, red and orange), they looked so pretty. I also had, sour cream, cheese, tomatoes, lettuce and taco sauce (mild) of course. There were drinks, beer, soda, frozen drinks and water. I had dip of 3 different flavors and tortilla chips. One of the neighbors made turds. Thats part of the name. I can't remember the name to what he made. So delicious. It was a sausage with cream cheese, jalapeƱo and wrapped in bacon. Delicious.

I made the mistake of not taking pictures of the food nor the table setting. Bummer, but I will tell you that it came out great.

I will leave you with my scrapbooking room when I only had put some of the furniture in it. I did finish it this weekend between Friday night, Saturday morning and part of Sunday.

Here is the before and hopefully this weekend I will take pics of it to reveal the entire room finished.

This is the desk area. In this photo you only see part of the things that go on the desk. I will be back with the room tour hopefully soon. 

This is the front view of the desk.  

Here are 3 of the shelves. Not everything was even on them. 

I hope you all enjoyed my scrapbook so far. I will be back with the full reveal. Promise.