Sunday, October 14, 2018


Well with Halloween approaching I have finally finished decorating. I started this weekend on friday night. I was up until 2am and was able to decorate 95%. I finished 100% this morning.

I had not been at the Vero home to be able to decorate sooner. I attended two scrapbooking events back to back. The first one was in Orlando, Florida. We stayed at the Contemporary Resort. Beautiful hotel. The monorail runs thru the middle of the hotel to Magic Kingdon and Epcot Center. I attended the crop on Thursday and Friday. Saturday morning my husband drove up and we went to Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom. We went home on Saturday since I would be attending another crop starting Monday. I did accomplish to finish one full layout and put together a few SVG files. I had the files cut prior to going to the event. On Monday, I drive to the other event in Cocoa Beach. The owner of the store Barbara Ohanlon from Vero Scrapbook Crops & Retreats and I drove up to the hotel several times taking prizes, decorations and props. On Tuesday we went to a few thrift stores in Cocoa Beach and then we went back to the hotel and started to decorate. The crop started on Thursday but it was her 10 year anniversary and she went all out with everything. She gave away so many amazing gifts. So much fun with 125 amazing and crafty women. Had sock and Hat competition and PJ's competitions. Lots of laughters and fun all week and weekend. Laughed so much my face was hurting. LOL.

Ok, but now back to my post. Halloween.

Here are some pictures of the home.

I decided this year to decorate the living room, instead of the dining room. So I started by dressing up my skeletons. This picture shows one dressed up as Raggedy Ann. I even put the red and white striped socks on her. 

The other 2 skeletons are dressed up as Hawaiians. All 3 of the costumes I purchased at our local  Humane Society Thrift Store. 

This Frankenstein scared me the other day. I had taken him out a week ago, when I was cleaning out my closet. I had just walked in from a few errands and had to use the rest room. As I was running to the rest room, I stopped and froze when I saw it and yelled at it, what are you doing in the house. LOL. True Story. I cracked up afterwards. 

I did not decorate my dining table like I have done in the past. Only 2 trees with pumpkin decorations and a few roaches, spiders and rats. 

Not sure if you can see the gargoyles on the shelf over the skeleton. 

 Here is a close up of the roaches and rats on the table. 

This is the front door entrance console table decorated. Did not do much. Just a few things here and there. 

This is the living room area. Love those spiders on the wall. I purchased them a few years ago ((Martha Stewart), and have not been able to find them again. 

The middle table in the living room has a tray (actually a picture frame painted orange), with a few small bowls filled with treats. Some of the treats are small rats, eye balls, small skulls, spiders and skeleton hands. Each skeleton has its own glass with a straw. A girls night out. LOL. 

In the kitchen I put most of the witches, some trees and skulls. 

This is the other side of the kitchen. 

This is where we have the coffee pot, so I put out my Halloween coffee mugs and put some rats on the counters and walls. Creepy. 

This is the other side of the kitchen counters. Just a few glittered pumpkins inside a bowl, a creepy but yet cute witch and just a few more rats. 

I know it was a long post, but I hope you all enjoyed reading and seeing the pictures of my home decorated. 

Thank you for stopping by and I do appreciate comments. So if you like the post please leave me a comment of your favorite decorated area. 

Thursday, September 6, 2018


Good morning everyone that comes and visits my blog. I want to start by saying THANK YOU, thank you and thank you. I truly appreciate that you stop by and read my post.

So getting back to the reason for my post. Octopuses. I have been on a roll making these super cute octopuses. I had made these a while back but was not posting on my blog. So one day I decided to pull out the yarn I had and make a few more. I went to a one week scrapbooking event and they sold out. I had so many orders placed, but had to tell everyone that I had no more yarn and had no plans on making anymore.

Well, that did not happen. I scored at the goodwill finding brand new rolls of yarn and 2 crafty friends gifted me rolls they had never used. So I went back to making these super cute sea creatures.

Here are the ones I have created so far. And still a lot more to come. My plans are to sell them at Disney scrapbooking event and at the october crop.

This is probably one of my favorite because I decorated it halloween themed.  

 This is one I have in my room. Notice the Disney ears made pom poms and added them. 

This is another one of my favorites. Love the way the hair came out. And of course my 2 favorite colors, yellow and pink. 

And this last one is another one of my favorites. I have her in my room as well. Not the sign hanging over her. I love that sign and the writing is the best. Always have an Angel by your side.

With that I will leave you. I will be back in a week more less for another post.

Again, thank you for stopping by my blog today.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

DISNEY Pandora The World of Avator

BEAUTIFUL, INCREDIBLE. Wow, Disney has really outdone themselves again.
If you have not been able to go, you are seriously missing out on the ride. I know its not easy for everyone to get to a Walt Disney Park, but if you are then don't miss out.

My husband and I randomly decided to go on saturday, thankfully we are only about 1 hour and 30 minutes more less away. We woke up at 4am left by 4:45am and arrived at the Disney resort by 6:30am. Pre-checked in and got on the bus to Animal Kingdom. The park opened one hour early for people staying at a Disney resort. The park opened at 7:30am instead of 8am and off to the ride we were. We got on the Avatar's Flight of Passage ride within 20 minutes and then we went to the other Pandora ride Na'vi River Journey. By 8:30am we were off to the Magic Kingdon to spend the rest of  the day there.

Such a nice place to visit, no matter which park you go to. We did not spend much time taking pics but here are a few we did take.

Arriving at Disney

Waiting for the bus to Animal Kingdom

My husband and I being silly.

The pictures above are taken at Animal Kingdom. 

This pictures was taken while watching the parade. 

The 2 pictures above were taken while watching the Parade. 

Buzz Lightyear is one of my husbands favorite rides. He plays like he is in a competition. I sit and watch him and laugh. Looks like a kid. 

 His score at the end was 222400. 

 The little mermaid ride is really cute. 

 It started to rain actually pour really bad with thunder and lightning for about 1 hour. The rides were shut down, but luckily when it was time to ride one of the ones we had a fast pass for, they reopened them.

These last 3 pictures were taken at the actually resort. We stayed at the All-Star Sports. Nice hotel to stay at, especially if only going for one or 2 days. 

Hope you all had a Magical day like I did whether it was out or at home with loved one. 

Will be back soon again with some findings after thrifting. 

Have a wonderful rest of the week. 

Tuesday, July 31, 2018


Hello everyone.

Its been about 2 weeks since my last post and I am noticing it is getting harder and harder to find time to blog. Where in the world is time going? Where has this year gone? Once I blink twice Christmas will be here again. OMG, and where in the world am I going to find time to do all the decorating I do.
I have not been to Michaels nor Joanns nor Hobby Lobby but everyone is telling me that Fall and Christmas stuff is already out. I was like WHAT?????? How????? No Way!!!!!!!! ARGHHHHH.
But I am not complaining, I just wish life would slow down a little. Or should I slow down? LOL.

I have been so busy between the 2 homes and with life itself I see myself waking up and going to sleep. And not realizing where the day has gone. Is everyone else feeling the same? It can't be just me.

On another note:

Here are a few layouts I created at the last scrapbooking event I attended.

This layout I created with circles. I had seen a layout on pinterest with circles and I loved the idea, so I scrap lifted it, (well sort of because mine looks nothing like the one on pinterest). I added pictures of my nieces baby Anaya who is 3 now.
Talking about Time, I baby sat her, her first 9 months more less and now she is 3. Can't believe how big she is and how time has passed by so quickly.

This layout I also created for her album. I hope she can appreciate all the hard work us Scrapbookers put into layouts. I now when my girls come over they ask me to pull out there albums as they go thru them they ask when, where and why I took those pictures of them. LOL. But it is nice to go back and see how much they have grown. They are now 29 and 26 and again where in the world has Time gone. They have grown up so quickly, sometimes I feel like it was just yesterday that I gave birth to them.

I made another layout just like the one above for my other nieces baby. He is now 3 months old. He is such a cutie pie. Such a sweet baby. Always smiling now and just happy.

I am really enjoying creating layouts for both my nieces babies. Although Time is flying by, I am really trying hard to get albums done for them to enjoy one day when they are older.

Thank you for stopping by today and visiting my blog.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

One Week & still going

Good morning to everyone.

I attended a one week scrapbooking event in Vero Beach and wanted to post a few pictures and some layouts I created.

Here is a layout that Beatriz and I put together. I paper pieced the image of the mermaid and Beatriz from Amazing Grace came up with the rest. 
You have to go and check out her blog. She has great kits and she sells them. 
Here is the link to her blog:

This little toy Pug I purchased because it is exactly like my kids dog. Not the cutest thing but cute at the same time. So he goes with me to crops and I display him on my light. 

This picture is one we took at Cracker Barrel. The six of us went for lunch and had a great time chit chatting and enjoying each others company. 
Starting from the back left was Nelsa, her mom Caridad, and Nena. Then from the back right hand side Carol, myself in the middle and Lydia in the front. 

This is Mercy scrapbooking. 

And here is Teresa's area. She brings tons of things from home. Had her stuff hauled on a trailer because it all would not fit in her car. 

And here is a bin Teresa brought from home filled with paper. 

This crop was a one week crop and we had a great time attending daily. The following week we had a 4 day crop and I will be back with pictures of that event and layouts I put together. 

Thank you all for stopping by.