Thursday, December 17, 2020

Christmas time again

 Hello everyone. I am here to post a few pictures of my Christmas decorations. Well more than just a few. LOL. I hope you all are having a wonderful December so far and are all finished with decorations, shopping, wrapping and meal planning. 

Here are some pics: 

This is the main tree this year. I decided to decorate using my elves. 

Our dining table. No we do not use it. We have another large table that is for the everyday use. Notice the elf holding the garland. He is right next to the main tree. 

I am obsessed with Gnomes, so I decided to decorate a tree with them, but since they are heavy I put them all around the tree. The ones on the tree are actually dog toys, that are not heavy at all. LOL. 

Look at how cute the cow frame with the Santa hat. Its actually for the chairs. 

This is the guest room. 

A new addition this year is the Grinch. He actually talks and sings and moves. He is about 5 ft tall. I found him at Walmart. 

And lastly this is my craft room. I decorate it every year with the same ornaments. I love the pinks and it goes well with the room.