Monday, August 5, 2013

Altered spool and Junking finds

Hello everyone,

Hope everyone has been having a wonderful summer. It is extremely hot and humid here in South Florida. Lots of rain almost everyday, but that has not stopped me from going junking and finding some nice things to display in my craft room and to use to craft.

 Isn't this cross beautiful. I bought it for $1.00 at a yard sale. I will put it where I have all my others displayed.

 Then I found at the same yard sale this heart pendant with the chain, also $1.00. I thought it was so delicate looking I just could not leave it behind. The 2 pieces of lace, the cross and heart are laying on are from the flea market. I paid 1.00 for each piece.

These 3 milk glass jugs are also from a yard sale. The lady had sold her home and was selling most of her belongings. She was an elderly lady. I had seen them on saturday, but walked away and did not buy them. Well yesterday on our way to walk at the park, she was out their again and I noticed they had not sold, so I figured they were meant for me to have. Also, 1.00 for all 3. They had plastic lids on them, but I threw those away.

These 2 milk glass pieces are also from the same yard sale. She had them in a plastic bag, both for 50 cents. I could not believe it. I immediately snatched them. I have been looking for some milk glass pieces and could not find any. The antique mall has pieces, but they are super duper expensive. I have bought most of the pieces I have on ebay and although they have been cheap, the shipping is killing me. I pay more for shipping than for the actual pieces.

 I am storing some of my pretty nail polishes in the smaller one and the larger one is empty for now until I take some of my hoarded crafting things out to place in it.

And last but not least, here is the altered spool tassel I made. I watched several videos on youtube ad loved what others were doing with the spools. So here is my take on it.

I hope you all have a wonderful week and Thank you for stopping by to visit me.