Thursday, February 12, 2015

Bottle Caps and Book Marks

So ever since the Holidays I have been crafting away. I know I have not shared but here are a few things I have worked on. 

Here are some bottle caps I altered. So much fun to make these and super easy. The difficult part is adding the beads you want, not that its difficult, just difficult to decide which ones. 

Book marks. I watched a video and saw some of Pinterest. I added it to my to do list immediately. Thought what a cute idea to give to friends for their Bibles. Most of us have kindles or a gadget to download books, so we don't own books. Perfect gift for even mother's day. 

I know I made alot and these are not all of them. I have more that I have made to send to my youngest daughter to gift to the girls in her Bible study group. 

Hope I have inspired some of you to make either the bottle caps or the book marks. 

Thank you for stopping by and Happy Crafting.