Saturday, January 21, 2012

I'm sort of back

Hello everyone.

Here is the 4 page layout that I had been working on. I just finished it on Sunday, but had not had a chance to take pictures of it. This layout has been the layout from heck. It has 13 elves but not all 13 fit on the 4 pages.
I bought the patterns to the elves 1 year ago. I had to print them, cut them and then trace then on the color card stock I wanted. So that means I cut them twice each (26 total). But I enjoy cutting them by hand. Even though I am looking into the program that will cut them and the machine that will be best for the program. If anyone that reads my blog knows which machine and program is best please email me the info. I would really appreciate it.

Here is the layout:

 I missed the buckle, but the bottom pictures show it.

 I tried to make the box the elves are holding seem like a bin you store your ornaments in. I hope you all can see the same thing I did when I made it.

Here you can see all 4 pages side by side.

The only thing missing in the layout is the to add the stickles (frosted lace) to the elves hats and Santa's suit. But I ran out. I just ordered some and should be here within a couple of days. 

I hope you all like it and leave a comment. 

Thursday, January 12, 2012

craft table

This i what my craft table has been looking like since this weekend. I went to the Paper Niche (my not really local scrapstore) on friday night with Paula from and Peggy from and only cut and put together 3 of the elves. When we got there I had already put together 7 of them. There are 13 total. At home on monday night I put one together while watching the Batchelor. It literally took me 45 minutes to cut and put together. I have finally finished all 13 but putting the layout is not what I want to do. My husband told me to put it away and start something different, but I know if I do that I will not go back to it. And I have so many cute things that I want to do with it.

Maybe this weekend I will get my mojo back and finish it. It will be a 4 page layout. I have a mini that I want to start but refuse to until I finish this that I have started.

I have only been in the mood to shop. I have been shopping online and at the stores since last week.

Here is what my craft table looks like. I have not even cleaned it this week.