Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Lots of Pictures

I can't seem to have enough decorations around the house. Even though the kids are no longer home with us, I still decorate. I do it because I love it. I have seen many youtube videos and blogs, where people say they no longer decorate because their kids are out of the house. I could not see my home not decorated for such a beautiful holiday.

Here are some more pictures.

 This frame is currently in my scraproom. I do not know where to hang it. My husband and I built this puzzle last year and hung it up in the family room. But now with the Santa ones (alot nicer), so for now it will stay in this room.
 Don't know if you remember this piece from last year as well. Each one is cut by hand and paper pieced together.
 This is the dining room table.
 Isn't this lamp post cute. My husband showed up with it last week on wednesday. He bought it at the home dept.
 This is a gift from my mom. Her friend had a store and had to shut it down and was getting rid of all the things in it. So my knows I love Angels and she bought it for me. Her dress and wings are gorgeous.
 This is my bathroom vanity. I bought those trees and the snow man at a garage sale. The trees were $1.00 each and the snow man (set of 3) new in its box sealed and for $6.00.
 This is in my bedroom. The picture on the wall I bought at Kirkland with the 2 Santa ones. It is a beautiful Nativity scene.
 Here is a Nativity scene I bought 3 years ago at Hallmark after Christmas.
 These figures are in my husbands office. Don't you just love the big red bow on the horse?

 This is my curio. Right side.
 Left side.
 These elves are from Michaels. They were a gift from a friend.

Hope you have enjoyed my long post and pictures. I will be back with some things I have been working on scrap book related.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

The main tree

So I finally finished the main tree # 5. Thank goodness the other 4 are small 3 footers.

This one is also all red and green. The traditional is the way to go for us. Doesn't mean I can't and won't appreciate other colored ones. The tree top Santa is a garage sale find. I bought him for I think $1.00. I knew when I saw him he would be a focal point and that he is. He is beautiful in person. We buy different things every year to keep adding to the tree. This year we found a warehouse and bought a bunch of different items. The smaller elves, the white sprays with the sparkly balls, the red and green twisty things (don't know what they are called), and some other items are all new. I have the big elf I put every year and when I saw the small ones I decided to incorporate them as well.

These are some of the pictures I took this morning.

 Love that large elf. He is a favorite of mine. I am hoping I could find another one but with the reds and greens reversed.
 This is the other picture frame of Santa I bought last year. He has a beautiful face. I think most Santa's have beautiful faces. I am a sucker for Santa Clause's. It says believe and I love how he is holding his glasses. Notice one of the elves I bought this year. I bought 4 this size and 4 smaller ones.
 This is the Santa head I mentioned that I bought at a garage sale. You could also see the smaller elf next to him and the red and green sprays and the white balls sprays.
 We will be going out to buy another tree skirt. I have not found the one I really like, so until then this will have to do.
Here is the whole tree with the lights on. I know pictures don't really do justice to the tree, but I thought I would share anyhow.

Hope you all like it and can't wait to see how you all decorate. Leave me a comment so that I can go to your blogs and see your decorations.

I will be back during the week to post some new pin cushions I have made.

Have a great weekend.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Tree mini

I can't believe I have finally finished the tree mini album I started about 3 weeks ago. I thought I would have loved making it and instead got fed up with it. I was bored of how little things I had for Thanksgiving. See, I am not  into celebrating Thanksgiving. I love Halloween and Christmas, Thanksgiving not so much. I find it to be a boring holiday. Sorry to you all that are fans of it. I prefer skipping this day all together.

OK, back to the album. In 2008, which is the year my husband and I were married, we decided to have a Thanksgiving dinner at our house. I had just moved in (we were together for 10 years before we moved in together), my brother from California was visiting and my father was coming over to meet my husband for the first time. Yes, I know after 10 years together Dad finally meets the husband. So, I decided to make this mini and incorporate pictures. Yes, you read correctly. I added photos to a project of mine. I am known to make layouts and albums and not put pictures on them or in them.

Here is the mini. I really like the way it came out. I was inspired by Marlene from http://www.uniquelyella.blogspot.com/. I loved this album from the moment I saw it. Tonight I decided to complete it. I took out the pictures from that day and chose my favorites.

 For the front cover I used a picture of my husband and my dog Roscoe.
 Here is my Mom and Dad. And the right page has my 2 girls.
 Here is my oldest sister serving everyone. The other page has my nieces and nephew.
 The left page is of my 2 brothers and my 2 sisters. The other page is the table setting.
 On the left side I decided to only add pictures of my oldest brother. Since we do not see him often, he lives in California, I wanted a page of just him. The other page is my Dad and my sister Nikki.  
This last picture is my oldest sister with her dog in the back ground. She was such a great help. She did all the dishes with my oldest daughter. She is a wonderful sister. Not because she did the dishes but because she just is.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

2 more trees

Well I have finally finished the other 2 trees I put around the house. The first one is of poinsettia's (love them), gift boxes and red and gold balls. This tree sits on my accent piece in the living room. I added a Santa Clause and another one of my pin cushions. I also placed a large Santa from The Home Depot next to the piece. Love the way all the Santa's look together. I still need to buy the tree skirt, but for now it is done.

Here is the other tree which is in my husbands office. It has tools and elves on tools. I bought these ornaments years ago at Sears, but have not found new ones since. They actually work but have to be plugged in the lights socket and I don't think I would want to hear them the whole time they are on.

And these final pictures are from my scrap room. These were all purchased at Joanns last year. The mice were a must. They were on the shelf looking so lonely. I just had to buy them and bring them to my happy space. The Santa was also a great addition since he is sewing and it seemed perfect for the room. Did you notice the spools hanging on the side. Love it.

Well I have showed you all the 4 small trees I have. I will be working on my main one between tonight and tomorrow night. My youngest daughter (20) will be flying home for Thanksgiving and she loves and I mean loves Christmas. So what better surprise than to have all the house decorated.

Hope you have enjoyed the post. Will be back with pictures of the main tree.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

2 trees up

I have put up some more decorations. Well 2 small trees. One in the kitchen and one in my scrap room.

The decorations in the kitchen are all ginger breads. I bought all those ornaments at a garage sale about 6 months ago for $ 8.00. Yes eight dollars. I thought it was a great bargain and could not hold myself back from getting them. They have filled up my tree to the point that you could barely see the tree. Even the other side is full. I still need to go out and buy a tree skirt.

Kitchen tree:

 This is the house from my Christmas village. It is the gingerbread house. I decided to put it on a cake dish and throw some snow around it. It was a perfect match with the tree ornaments.

This is the tree I put in my scrap room. I bought this tree 3 years ago at Michaels. I has all different colors decorations. It has balls, lollipops, bells, a bird, snowflake and some sprays in the different colors.

I hope you all enjoy the trees. I will be back with more as I put it out.

Monday, November 14, 2011

New item

Hello everyone. I posted yesterday that I would be done 100% with the village, but I did not go to Walmart for the pins. This morning my husband went and they did not have them. So when he gets home we plan on going to get them at a different place. Once we find them we will put up the fence and then it will be finished. I will then begin with the rest of the home decor. I have 6 trees to put up including the main one and then some other decorations I put here and there.

Here is the frame I bought last year at Kirkland's. I wanted this frame from the moment I saw it. I did not want to pay 79.99 for it so I decided I would wait till after Christmas for them to be at 50% off. I called and asked if they would bring them down some more and they said yes after the new years to 75% off.  So on the 1st I went with hubby and bought 3 of them. Two of them are Santa Clauses and the other one is a Nativity scene. I could not decide on which one to take so hubby said take them both since they were so cheap. I purchased all 3 for the price of one. Don't you just love these bargains? I guess my patience paid off.

Here is one of them.

Isn't he the prettiest Santa you have ever seen. I will be posting the others as I hang them up.

Have a great Monday. I know I am. I am not doing anything today. I am just sitting back and being lazy.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

90% done

Ok, so we are almost at the end of the journey with the village. We have about 10% more to do, but we ran out of material. So I am off today to Walmart to buy some pins to put up the fence and then to the Christmas Palace to buy some icicles. My home is finally picked up. There is still alot of glitter everywhere, but that will be until we bring it down.

Here is what is done so far.

 Here I decided to put the wedding Chapel. The couple is inside the gazebo. I still need to hang some wedding bells from the candy canes. I just haven't decided which  ones, clear or silver.

 If you click on this picture, you will notice an elf coming out of the little tunnel.
 This is the elflementary school in red. The accessory is a sled school bus with the kids inside.
This is Mickey land. You can see Mickey and Minnie on the swing ride. It also has Donald and Goofy. Did you see the ticket booth at the entrance. I tried to make it the theme park. LOL.

Ok, I will be back as soon as it is 100% done.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Going onto day 6

Well after working on the village yesterday all morning and afternoon and going till 6:30pm, this is what we have accomplished. The middle section is a park with a merry go round, reindeer rides, lit trees in red, green and white, snow cones for sale, a bakery, SANTA'S house, well we made it that (the all white house), and lots of twinkling lights. Boy, would I love to live in a town like this. wouldn't you all.

We still have along way to go, but we are getting there. Here are the pictures of what we have done.

 The 3 pictures on top are with the lights off and the village lit up. I used blue lights under the cotton to make it seem like ice. I hope you all can invision what I am. Some trees light up in red and others twinkle in different colors.
This is the house we made SANTA's. He has a list on his hand with kids names on it. The top part of the house has fiber optic lights with which change colors.

I wish you all could be here so that you could see it in person. It is pretty amazing. The carousel plays music. I do keep the music on, but very low. If not I think I would go crazy with the same 25 songs playing non stop.

Will be back with more tomorrow.