Thursday, December 29, 2011

Our Golden Retriever

Good morning my blogging friends. I hope you all are having a wonderful holiday vacation so far. Are you all ready to ring in the New Year and say goodbye to the old. I am. Did you all notice the New Years Ball I have added to my blog. Isn't it cute?

Ok, what I am really blogging about is my sweet dog Roscoe. I am dedicating this post to him. We got Roscoe when my youngest daughter left to live with her Dad to finish High School and attend college in Orlando. I was so devastated since she was my baby. My husband whom had never had an animal in all his life decided to get my a puppy. My sister helped and we got Roscoe. He was 5 weeks old. When they gave him to us he had Parvo. A really serious illness they get and usually do not survive. He did, after a plasma and a blood transfusion. Four days later we brought him home. He is now 3 and a half and could not be a better dog. He is a golden orange red color and is gorgeous.

On Christmas day we gave him a bone.

Here is a picture of him at the door so that we could let him out. Whenever we give him a treat he goes towards the door so that he could eat it out side. He will not eat them in the house.

 Here he has the gift and is trying to open it, but my husband had to help him since the bone comes wrapped. I gift wrapped it without taking the plastic seal off first.

 he was such a happy boy with his bone. He chewed on it for about an hour and a half.

I hope you all have a wonderful day.



He is a beauty! I've always loved Goldens and have had a few. I miss them.


What a great Christmas story. Your Roscoe is beautiful and such a gentlemen to take his treats outside. Happy New Year!

~Kim at Golden Pines~

Hello!! Well of course I have LOVED reading about your gorgeous boy Roscoe!! It's wonderful that he recovered from Parvo. I know that many do not. We fostered a puppy for the rescue a few years ago that had it--Six thousand dollars later she turned a corner and recovered and now has a wonderful home. She was lucky, as was Roscoe!! I hope you have many, many more Christmas's together!!


What cute story, he is beautiful and so happy with his Christmas girft.


he is just adorable!!!


Awww, that is so adorable!! I gave Daizy treats and she thinks it's toys... which is fine because she chews her toys anyway.. haha.

Merry Christmas!!


How sweet! What a treat, and so great that he likes to eat them outside. Good dog!

joanne fox

He is a beautiful colour. I love those dark coppery ones, although they're all wonderful dogs whether they're light, dark or in-between. Happy New Year to all of you.

Sassy Scrapper

OMG You lucky girl!!!! Roscoe is beautiful I bet he is a pure blessing.
My dog buddy got some really fun gifts from Santa in his stocking and he too needed a little help with opening them at first but then got the full swing of it when he realized what could be inside lol. So much fun watching him.
Thank you for sharing Roscoe with us. He looks like a treasure!!!!
Hugs Bonnie
ps Happy New Year!!!

Jenny Woolf

What a gorgeous looking dog! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and new year!


He is a survivor!!! And so cute, lovely, tender...I have 3 dogs and I just LOVE them...
Thank you!


Thank you for visiting and commenting! It is my honor and privilege to have you there!
I'll come often.
I like your blog!

Ed Pilolla

yes, he is a deep color and beautiful. i miss having a dog in my home, at any time of year, though the christmas scenes do make me especially nostalgic for my dog during the holidays:) a survivor indeed. and your family is the beneficiary.
here from jill's.

pam {simple details}

What a sweet gesture and Roscoe is SO beautiful! Don't Goldens have the sweetest disposition, ours is almost 4!:)

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