Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Martha Stewart punches

Good morning. Hope everyone is having a great week so far.

I have been struggling for about 2 years now on how to store my punches. Although I have watched several videos on youtube and read blogs, nothing seemed to convince me. Until I watched Laura's room tour and immediately knew that is how I wanted to store mine. Laura's channel on youtube is therobnlaura. If you watch her room tour you will see how she stores hers. I private messaged her and asked the dimensions of her frame. She was so sweet and immediately messaged me the measurements. I also had my husband watch the video several times.

Off we went to home depot looking for the metal ceiling tiles. They only had them on special order and of course on back order. I also wanted a wide frame. My husband brought from his job the frame and I was able to score on the metal tiles at Michaels, 50 cents each. Then we were on the hunt for the curtain rods. After 2 strikes at 2 different home depots my husband was able to find them at the one near his job.

One coat of spray paint by my husband is all it took but lots and lots of sanding by me. Here is what we were able to come up with.

This is the before the rods were added and punches. The tiles were a chocolate dark brown color, but after painting them and then sanding them down, this is what they look like now.

Here is the finished frame up in my room.

Hope you all like it. Thank you for stopping by and Happy Crafting.

Our weather is very weird lately here in Florida. Woke up this morning to 46 degrees. Just Sunday we had 89 degrees and today it is cold. Wish it would stay at 60 or 65 at all times, but we can't change mother nature.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Happy Birthday to ME (46)

Well it is a good day today. Forty-six years ago today my mother (RIP) gave birth to me. I am very happy because I will be going to breakfast with my dad and my oldest daughter, but also a sad day that my mom will not be calling to wish me a Happy Birthday and not be joining us. I am sure she will be with spiritually.

But the reason for the post is to show you the wonderful gifts I have received from 3 amazing ladies.

First up there is Sherry, her blog is She made this beautiful tiny little salt and pepper shaker for me. It is filled with glitter and then she made these super cute stick pins for me. What a cute idea.

Then there is Wallie's gifts. She gave me this beautiful box for me to alter and 10 strands of beads to make more stick pins. You only see 5 strands because I have already started making stick pins with the other beads.

And then there is Evelyn's gift. She made me this amazingly beautiful tag, plus this sign for my candy station in my room. The pictures do it no justice. It is gorgeous. She even added some candy ornaments from Michaels when they had the Christmas stuff out. She does amazing work. The sign looks like it belongs in a real candy shop.

So there it is. These are some of the amazing gifts I have received from some amazing women. Thank you all so much for the gifts. I will treasure them forever.

Hope everyone has a great day.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Easter decorations 2013

Hope you all are having a wonderful week so far.

Here are some of the Easter decorations I put up this year.

Hope you all enjoy them as much as I am.

 The big bunny is a new addition. I adopted him 2 weeks ago from TJ Maxx. He is adorable. The small bunny basket along with the green dish holding the eggs I picked up at a garage sale $1.00 each. The duckies on the platter are also from a yard sale, could you believe they were 25 cents each.
 These bunnies in the bowl are from the dollar store. I picked up 4 and thought they would look so cute inside the dish with the grass and the jelly beans. Oh, and those pink glasses were also from a yard sale. There is a story behind them though. I went to the yard sale (a neighbor which I had never met) and asked the price, no one could tell me because she had gone inside the house upset because her husband had passed and she needed to move. So I told her sister that I wanted them to let me know later and showed  her where I lived. About a passed by and I saw her at the nail salon and asked her how she was and about the glasses. She said she had no idea where they were because her sons and daughter had donated everything left to the good will. Well another month or so passed and when I got home one day they were sitting on my front porch. At first I wondered if it was something dead or a bomb because there was no note, but as soon as I opened up the box I knew what it was and who they had come from. I love them and will cherish them forever. I was very touched by her remembering me. So thank you Ana for the lovely and beautiful glasses, but most of all for thinking of me.

 The basket is new and the eggs were picked up at a yard sale 2 years ago. I wish not that I would have bought all the ones they had.
 The bunny with the eyes covered was also adopted from TJ Maxx. He is adorable.
These 2 bunnies are also from the dollar store. I was surprised our dollar store had so many cute bunnies. Now I am on the hunt for some chickies.

Thank you all for stopping by my blog and Please leave a comment.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Good morning my blogging friends.

I am sharing today some gifts received from 2 very special people I have met through my blog and youtube.

Sherry is a blogging friend, She does some amazing work. So please go check her blog. Here is what Sherry made for me.

Then there is Sherry Wolfe which I met through youtube. Her channel is Sherry Wolfe. If you get a chance go check out some of the things she has created.

Here are the goodies she sent me.

Hope you all have a great rest of the week.

Our weather here in sunny Florida is cold. Well for me it is great. I love the 60 degrees we have been having, if only it would stay this way for atleast one month. But the sun is so hot here, you can't feel the cold. If you go out in a bikini you will literally be sun burned. LOL. Seroiusly.

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Crafting.