Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hop Scotch

Well I said I would be back with pictures of the layout I started yesterday. I just finished it. I THINK. I usually hang it up and look at it for awhile and then always end up adding new things to it. But for now I think it is done. I drew the little girl and then paper pieced her. Notice how she has earrings and a little pearl necklace.  I used several cricut cartridges for the tree, bird nest, bird and grass. The flowers are from my stash and so are the butterflies, beads and the lady bugs.
I hope you like it.

How cute is the birds nest with its eggs and the birdie. 

Look at the little lady bug and butterfly made of felt.
Notice her curly hair, earrings and and necklace of pearls.

She looks so cute hopping. Her socks are lace and the bows on her head and around her waist are satin. She is adorable.

These butterflies are from The Paper Niche in Plantation. They are super cute. I added the string of pearls instead of drawing the black lines.
I added a ribbon on the tree to give it some life. It looked like it was missing something.
This is the layout side by side. 

layout with picture

Can you believe that I made a layout and incorporated a picture? I am amazed at myself. LOL. I never ever scrap photos anymore. I just can't find a photo cute enough for the layouts I create. I did scrap this photo of my husband and I at the fair. In my previous post I wrote about going. I was so happy that I did not get sick on the ferris wheel, of course who would with it going around 3 times only. What a rip off, but atleast I was able to experience it and I loved everything we did. We first rode the ferris wheel, then ate, then we went and saw the animals and then saw the projects the kids made. We ate some more and then saw the circus.  It was not the best but what the heck was a great day and I loved everything. The animals they had were gorgeous, the rabbits were to die for especially the ones with the long floppy ears. The chickens were so pretty and so were the cows. Their coats were really shiny and nice. They also had an area where kids made gardens and the plants were really pretty.

Here is the page I made. Hope you like it. I cut the ferris wheel with my cricut using the summer vacations cartridge. I first glued down the map of the fair. Then I glued the ferris wheel and then the picture. It literally took me longer to cut the image then to put the page together. I made a journaling tag to write my experience. The letters are chipboard and so are the numbers. I tried to hide the numbers with the fiber on the tag, this way it doesn't stare at me and reminds me of my age.

I will be back with another layout I started yesterday and am almost finished with it.

Monday, March 21, 2011


Well hello blogger friends. I just wanted to share a couple of things. First off today is MY B-DAY. I am officially 44 today. WOO HOO. Hubby is taking me to the Fair today. I have never, ever been on the big ferris wheel. So today I will ride it and hopefully not get sick, since I have a very weak stomach and anything with movement makes be sick.

On my last post I mentioned that I was working on something. Here is what I have been working on. The onesies have come out super cute. My friend Dayami ( came over yesterday to play in the scraproom and we started decorating them.  I will take pictures of the rest of them and post them later this week. They are decorated on both sides.  My plans are to sell them. I am going to go to ballet places and see if I can get some orders and sell them. These that I post will not be the ones for sale since these are my samples but I will make similar ones and you can request colors of choice. Hope you all enjoy them and if interested please contact me at

Also on my previous post I wrote about my arm and my vein swelling from donating PLATELETS.  Well here is a picture to show you what my arm looks like now. In the picture it shows the bruise a little lighter than what it really is. My husband says I look like a junkie. LOL. 

Friday, March 18, 2011


I can't believe I have not posted in my blog for so long. I have definitely been MIA. I have not done any scrapbooking in about 3 weeks. I have finally gotten my MOJO back. WOO HOO. I am excited. I am not working on a layout, I am working on a mini album. Well not so mini. I really don't do mini's. I have probably done 3 in the years I have been scrapbooking. I just can't find the way to do one so small. Anyhow, the project I am working will be a surprise to you all. I can't wait to finish it, but it will not be soon. I am really taking my time with it, because I want it to be a wow thing.

I will hopefully post my mini sometime next week.

I also wanted to share that I donated PLATELETS again today. This is my 6th time this year. I did experience something that had never happened to me before. Right when they started the process my vein began to swell a little. The girls at the place thought they were going to have to stop the machine, but I told them that I would hold on until atleast their would be enough Platelets for one child. Thank GOD I was able to finish the whole process. The last 2 and a half minutes were bad because it was hurting and stinging alot, but I knew these kids needed them and I was proud of myself to hold on. This means that 3 children will have alittle more time to live. I also have a huge bruise from the vein swelling. But I will be OK and ready to go into the blood bank in two weeks again.

I hope that those that read this can find the Heart and Courage to also donate. Whether you donate Blood, Platelets or Plasma, know that this is saving lives. A little sacrifice won't hurt anyone. Think of the parents of these sick children and how happy they will be knowing that someone saved their child and will be able to take them home and have them longer with them. This is what really keeps me going back.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Hello my blogger friends. Just wanted to share an award that my friend Dayami has passed on to me and 4 others. Congrats to the other girls that have also received it.

Thank you Dayami for this award. I am honored to have received my first award especially to have received it from a close friend,  someone that I have known for about 16 years now. Dayami is the one that introduced me to the scrapbooking world. I would scrapbook but with the lisa frank stickers and using creative memories supplies, but she opened up my eyes on how great of a hobby this is and how anything goes with scrapbooking. Can't thank you enough for that.

If you have not visited her blog go to:

Friday, March 4, 2011


Well just wanted to let you all know that I have donated platelets again this morning. I have been donating since this year started every two weeks. I am so proud of myself. At the blood bank they tell me that I am a millionaire, because I have such a high count of platelets. Knowing that when I donate it saves 3 children lives makes me happy. Very Happy.

I did want to also share a new layout I finished on monday but had not taken pictures of it to post it. So here it is. Hope you all like it.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Her are the pictures with Donna Downey. 

 Here is Kasi with Donna Downey. Isn't she the cutest little thing. Super cue. Donna was so nice to take so many pictures with not just Kasi but with everyone. She did not hesitate once.
 This is Tammy (owner of Paper Niche) with Kasi. If you have not been to the store you must go. You will find everything you need and more.
 This is amazing Teri with her daughter Kasi.
 Me and Donna Downey. Loved her. Teri gave me this frame and Donna signed it for me.
 Here I am again with Donna and my friend Dayami. Dayami is funny and witty. We have always had so much fun together.
This is Yeya (, check out her website. She has an online store she just started. The ribbon is amazing. She showered Kasi with goodies.
 This picture is priceless. Kasi looks so sweet. She wanted to go home with Donna. LOL.
 Here is Olga with Kasi and the gifts she gave her. You can see Olga at
 Again another one of the 100 Kasi took with Donna. Look at the inspiration journal. That journal is amazing.
This is Marlene from with Kasi.

Kasi was definitely the highlight of the day. What a special little girl. Congrats Kasi on having an amazing MOM that was able to make this all possible for you.

some news and a new layout

Well I wanted to tell you that I took a class this sunday. Not only a class but a very special class. I took a Donna Downey class. This woman is amazing. I loved everything about her. She is the sweetest, kindest, and funniest woman I have probably ever met. I left the class super happy. Now I do have to say that I was also with amazing friends. I drove with Dayami, we have been friends for about 15 or 16 years, Teri which we have known each other for about a year ( met through you tube) and her daughter Kasi. Her daughter is as talented and amazing as her mom. For her birthday she only asked to take Donna Downey's class so we all decided to go. Marlene, Olga and Yeya also went as a surprise for Kasi. What an amazing day. We had so much fun and loved every moment of it. Teri your little girl is amazing. Definitely have taught her well. She is a delight to have around. By the way, Kasi is only 10 years old and she took this class and even finished the album all by herself, NO kidding, even added her own touches. AMAZING.

I will upload pictures once I receive them. Like a knuckle head I forgot my camera.

Now to my latest layout. I finished this layout 2 days ago and had not uploaded it yet. This is a kid dressed up as a bunny with some chickens around him. I used a bo bunny collection I had in my stash of old papers. I hand drew him and then pieced him together. Same with the eggs. I used the cricut cartridge Easter 2010 for the chickens. I hope you all like it.
 This page has a chicken hatching out of its egg. I also put on one of the matts a sun and 3 more chickens.
 This is the boy dressed up as a bunny. Fo some reason I have been using purples and lilacs alot. I never used purples before and now I even painted my daughters room lilac. Crazy. The boy is holding an egg with a chicken that has just hatched.

This is the completed layout. It came out super cute.

Hope you like it.