Thursday, September 6, 2012

Good, nope Great news

Well, we went to the vets office yesterday for a follow up visit with Roscoe.  The news was great. They said it must have been that he hurt himself, because he is running, playing, catching and just being himself. The doctor did not see anything or feel anything on his leg. They did tell me to keep him on the diet. He needs to lose another 10 pounds. We already have him on a diet and has lost 6 pounds. So now 10 more to go. I can take him off the meds as of saturday, but try to have him for one more week from jumping, playing and running like he normally does. So that means I can't play either. I play alot with him, throwing him the ball and him bringing it back to me and also I play with his stuffed animals tug of war.

I am very happy and finally can stop crying. I was not able to sleep knowing that we may have had to put him down.
Thank you all for your concerns and for your Prayers. I really appreciate every single one of you that took time to Pray for our Roscoe.

Here he is at the vets office. He is one happy boy.

I will be back with some new layouts I have been working on.