Thursday, July 19, 2012

2 MORE !!!!!!

Here are 2 more layouts I finished today.

I am enjoying making these layouts so much.  None of the layouts are glued or chalked. I will be working on these when I go on the cruise.

Hope everyone is having a great Thursday.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

little princess

I have been working on layouts using my cricut cartridges for the past few weeks or maybe its been a month already. Well, who's counting. Last night I started this layout and finished it within 5 hours. I did use 5 different cartridges to get everything that I wanted and even had to fuzzy cut my own pieces at times. My inspiration came from Faith Abigail, She has some amazing ideas and when I found her blog I was like, OK, I have to scraplift this layout.

Here is my version:

Hope you all like the layout and I will be back with some new ones I have been working on as well.

Happy Thursday to you all.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Hello everyone,

Today I am sharing a layout I started and yes this time it ended with pictures. If you all know me and have been following me for a while you'd know that I do not put pictures on my layouts. I make them for fun. I have about 150 double page layouts and no pictures. Go figure. I know what you must all be thinking, WHY? Well, to be honest with you, I can't seem to find the pictures for the layouts. I feel my layouts are a work of art and a picture will take away from it. But with that said, I do have many albums with pages and pictures. I have several of my girls, of my dog, of my husband, my husband and I, my family etc.

I have been busy creating layouts to take on my cruise to work on. I have been buying cricut cartridges this week. I bought one that I really wanted called BEEP BEEP. It is a boy cartridge, but for some reason even though I do not have any boys, my eye seems to always go towards boy layouts. I can't seem to stop creating them.

Here is the cartridge:

 And then here is the layout, pictures and all.
 These pictures are from when we were doing the addition to our home and the drive way. The tiny dump trucks on the pictures are tiny buttons I bought at a garage sale for 25cents.

I hope you all have a great day. We are having some really bad, nasty weather. Lots of rain, humidity and extremely muggy.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Altered cabinet

Hello everyone. I hope you are all having a great week so far. Here in what is called Sunny Florida is anything but sunny. We have been having horrible weather. The lightning and thundering has my poor Roscoe hiding anywhere and everywhere. The rain is great for the grass, plants and trees, but this weather stinks.

But enough with this weather and on to my altered little cabinet.

I used the DCWV French Country paper stack. Tammy from California sent it to me because I could not find it anywhere. She was so sweet to have done that. She does not have a blog but her name on youtube is sscrafter1. The inspiration came from Juliana on youtube. Her channel is iluvvintagescrap, her blog is:

Here is my take on the small cabinet:

It started like this yesterday. After I painted it, I realized I had mixed 2 different types of paints and had to redo it all. Notice the mess on my crafting table. EEEEEKKK.

 Here is the front. I used on one of the door knobs from Michaels 1.50 bin, which I had bought for 30cents.

 I used alot of different embellishments on the inside of the door. I used mesh on the background, lave trim that Marlene gave to me. Marlene's blog is:  It is super cute, looks like banners so I cut them up and glued them down. I put some flat back pearls on the flowers. I  glued on the ends a bow made of twine and also glued some pearls on it. The butterfly in the center is a button that I bought at a garage sale. On the bottom I glued down a flower I made with some lace, some pearl sprays and a mirrored butterfly from Michaels. The tiny flowers around are from a garage sale as well.
 This is the top part of inside of the cabinet. The angel I left as it came. I paid 50cents for it one of the  local chinese warehouses. I sat it on the clear box that the knob came in. I put some lace trim in a mint green inside of it first. The tiny spool is from Joanns. I wrapped a small trim around it then added a resin flower and the flowers are also from a garage sale. the tiny glass bottle on has tiny pearls in it with a tiny key. The flower in the middle is from Sherry Wolfe at She made them out of clay, I did stickle it in blues, pinks and whites. The large glass jar on the right side is stuffed with a pearl trim that has hanging hearts on it. I glued a trim around it and then a light blue pearl trim in the middle. I glued to the top a small doillie and then a acrylic flower. Some seam binding around the top and hung an angel I made with my beads. I added to the back a frame from Michaels. The image is from a paper collection I cut out. Some tiny flowers around the bottom and some random embellishments to finish it off.
 Here is the inside top and bottom.
 The bottom part has a spool with some vintage lace around. Some flower trim, seam binding, 2 small flowers and a flat back pearl. The middle glass bottle has some pearls in and then I wrapped some of the pink mesh strips and topped it off with a flower. The box on the right hand side was all white. I wrapped it in some of the same paper, added some pearl trims and then put some lace inside. I added 3 of my favorite stick pins and then lots of tiny flowers to finish it off.

Isn't this banner so cute. I love that trim. Thank you Marlene for giving me a piece.

Well, this is my latest creation. I hope I can inspire you all, as much as I was by all the talented ladies I mentioned above.

Have a great rest of the week.

Friday, July 6, 2012


Just wanted to do a short post letting you all know that I am still alive. I will be back, but for now I have other things I am working on and take priority over blogging. I am working on many layouts, for a lady I scrap for. I am also working on some more kits, can't seem to stop cutting with my machine. I am sure it wants a rest, but not for now.
I have also been spring cleaning, I know I am late, but taking down curtains, washing them, vaccuming the blinds and cleaning the windows. I clean the windows weekly but the blinds,not really. I hate cleaning those. So this week on wednesday I attacked them and now going around the house cleaning the rest. The ones in my scrap room and the master bedroom are the worst ones. The scrap room ones I have to take the desk area out, clean behind there and then clean the windows. I am also taking down the curtains, washing them and then I have to iron them. Thankfully, my oldest will be coming over today and helping out.

Will be back soon.

Here is a layout I did for the cruise.

Here is what I have to sell at the scrapbooking garage sale.

 This bin shows how much paper I will be selling. And the sad thing is that I still have another stack as big or bigger put away, plus my cardstock.

Here are the 2 bins full to the top. I did sell alittle over 200 at one garage sale and still the bins are full. I also have my baby cricut and the bag with 10 matts to sell. If anyone is interested in something, just leave me a comment and I will take pictures of what it is that you would like.