Saturday, March 31, 2012

captured fairy

Happy Saturday everyone.

I hope you all are having a great weekend. The day is yucky here in Miami. These weather people can't predict the weather. I think 5 year olds would do a better job. They said great day for the beach and boating. Sure. The weather is horrible with lots of rain and muggy. We do need the rain though. The lawns are ugly and brown and they needed this rain. Ok, I am rambling.

What I am posting about is the captured fairy I made. I had seen many youtube videos last year where people were making these captured fairies in a bottle. I had the bottle but never got around to it. So last week after making the bird houses I decided to make one. She is really cute. Reminds me though of Peter Pan.

Well here she is. I have not named her yet. Any suggestions will help. She was captured on March 28th. I still have to add a chain with a tag and her captured date and of course some fairy charms.

 I took the mason jar and added some rub ons on the bottom. The inside back part also has some rub ons.
 Close up of her. She is purple and green.
 I added some moss and then sat her in it gluing her down. Then I added some pearls, flowers and some flowered sprays.
 This is the top. I added a beaded trim in purple. Then a doillie and then some flowers and more pearls. To top it off I added a stick pin.
Here is a close up of the purple beaded trim.

Hope you like my fairy. I plan on making another one, but I have so many projects started right now that  the other one will have to wait. I am organizing my laces with the clothes pins I bought at Michaels. Once they are all done I will do a post.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

30 cents

Can you believe I bought all these goodies for 30 cents each. I watched a couple of videos this weekend and saw that some of the items were 30cents. I could not believe the deals people were getting. So I went to my local Michaels stores and this is what I found.

 The doillies are probably my favorite find. I have been looking for them in garage sales and only found 4 tiny ones at one for 25 cents each. These were 30 cents, 6 colors and I bought 2 of each. The frames were also a great find. I could never find any and if I did they were always broken, well not these. I bought 11 colors, but only one of each.

I have alot of plans with those clothes pins. I am going to wrap my laces around them and then put a pin through it to hold them in place. I am looking for a large glass clear bowl to put them in. I saw how Marlene from stores hers and they looked not only neat and pretty but functional. So this is my next tackle in my room. I am tackling lots of things but for some reason I never finish in here. I guess it is because I keep buying and hoarding stuff. LOL. But like my husband says, as long as it makes you happy, I'm happy and that is all that matters.

Hope you all have a great Thursday.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bird houses

Happy Tuesday everyone.

I wanted to share what I have been crafting the past 2 nights. Here are 2 birdhouses I bought at Michael's after the holidays and have had then sitting there bare. Sunday night I decided to give it a try and alter them. I did get my inspiration from alittleshabbychic on youtube. I saw hers and fell in love and I thought I should do that with the bird houses I have just sitting there.

I painted this none a vanilla color. I added lots of flowers I bought at a chinese ware house by me. I added lace around the body.
 This is the back side.
 For the base I used a spool I had from lace trims. I wrapped a vanilla color lace all around, hot gluing every so often. Glued down a spray from valentines I bought at Joanns and then some flowers, also from the chinese warehouses. I added a butterfly and some faux feather trim to the bottom.
 Here is the roof. Doesn't it look cute with all the little flowers. They were a pain to glue down. One by one. Lots of patience. But I really like the way the roof came out.
 This one I crackled it. I painted it a lime green. Then added elmers glue and then painted it white. The cracks on it look great. I added some flowers and a pearl trim to the roof over hang.
 Here is the back part. Some more flowers and a butterfly.
 Close up. Here you could see the detailed crackle finish.
 I used a bright yellow lace trim to the roof. It looks really nice.
On the base I did the same as what I did with the pink one.

Hope you all like my 2 bird houses. I would like to find some small birds for the houses. I will be on the look out for them. Maybe Micheal's has them small enough to fit in the holes.

Happy Tuesday.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

birthday gift

Hello blogger friends. Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend so far. I am.

I received some happy mail from a friend in blogging world. Sherry from, and I decided to have a private pin swap. Here is what she sent me.

 Sherry sewed this stick pin holder for me. It is gorgeous. Super unique and different. Pink of course and with gorgeous lace trim.

 She spelled out Ana Happy Birthday. Isn't this the coolest? I love it.
This sachet is stuffed with lavender. Smells so good. Super cute and adorable.

Hope you all pay Sherry a visit. She is so sweet to had sent me this many pins.

Thank you Sherry for such a nice gift.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Clowning around

This is what I will call this layout. Clowning around. I think it fits it well.

Here it is:

This will probably be my last post for the week unless I finish the stick pins I need to get out for the one on one swap.

Happy Friday to you all.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Crafty day

I was not lying when I said I would not do anything but craft all day. I was able to finish 2 more layouts. The first one is a scrap lift. I saw the layout at the store and loved it. I bought the papers that went with it and did my own take with the embellishments. I wish I would have kept the picture of the original layout, but I trashed it as soon as I finished mine.

 On the bird that is printed on the paper, I added feathers and some flowers to the top of the tail. Then some bling to finish it off. The original layout I scrap lifted from had the same detail. Don't those feathers look nice as his tail?
This second layout is actually a kit I purchased. You had to put it together.  Very simple but nice. I did not add anything from my own stash. I made it exactly like the instructions said.

I hope you all have enjoyed my layout obsession lately. I woke up this morning and when my husband left I started a new layout. Lately all I want to do is scrapbook. I do have a mini album I started but put it aside to create some layouts. I also have to make a couple of stick pins for a one on one swap I am in.

I will be back with the finished layout and the pins.

Happy Thursday.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

BIG 45 today

I can't believe I am 45 today. I remember being 20 and saying how old 45 was. Now I think 90 is old. LOL.

I had a great day yesterday. I went with a friend to a crop. Peggy over at, took the day off from work and celebrate our birthdays doing something we both love and that was to scrapbook. Tammy the store owner is also celebrating her birthday this month (actually we both share the same day). We bought a cake and everyone at the store, even shoppers sang Happy Birthday to us 3.

Here we are:

Here are the layouts I worked on:

There are the 2 layouts I did at the crop. I am off to spend the day crafting. I have no plans on doing anything around the house. Tonight my husband is taking me to dinner.

Happy first day of Spring.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Some Bunny LOVES You

I hope everyone is having a great Tuesday so far. I know it is kind of early for you all, but not for me. I am up at 5:15am every morning with my husband. Once he leaves for work I stay in my craft room to read emails, watch videos and comment on peoples blogs. This morning was no different, except for I started a new layout. I am hooked again on layouts. I started this layout yesterday and finished it last night.
I will name it, Some Bunny LOVES You. What do you guys think? The little girl and the bunny's are paper pieced.

Here she is:

 These 2 last pictures are close up of the paper pieced bunny's and girl.

I hope you like it.

I am off to a crop with some friends to celebrate our Birthdays. The store owner Tammy and Peggy's birthday are today and mine is tomorrow, so we are having lunch and a cake.

Happy Tuesday everyone.