Friday, August 29, 2014

Halloween Swap

Hello everyone,

Just wanted to stop by and show you the things I received from Sherry, who is Creatology here in blog land. We usually swap once a year and this year is no different, except for this year we decided to swap Halloween crafts we created. We also decided to make it a little different by surprising each other with whatever we wanted to create. We would chose what we wanted to gift each other. Very exciting.
I have not yet mailed her package out, but here is what she sent me.

 Here are the 5 items she sent me.
Look how beautiful the bracelet with the orange skulls, a bubble wand (love that) and the felt with the sewn fabric with a cat was wrapped around a chocolate bar. Suerp duper cute idea.
This is a pouch, which is adorable. Great for makeup or anything inside your purse that you don't want all over the bottom. And the cute cute scissors in the orange and black and genius to add the ribbon with the buttons. Adorably cute and great so that I don't lose my scissors in the mess I sometimes have on my craft table. Love that. So going to craft lift it.

Thank you so much Sherry, not only for the items you sent me but for your blogging friendship. I love everything you sent me and can't wait for our next swap.

Please go checkout Sherry's blog if you already haven't. You will not be disappointed.


Thank you all for stopping by and have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Paper piecing layouts

Hi everyone,

Happy Saturday.

Just wanted to post some layouts I had been working on these past few weeks. Of course they are paper pieced. My favorite thing to do with any image.

Here they are:

Hope you all like them. Thank you all for stopping by and Happy Crafting.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Mini Shabby Chic Banners

Good morning everyone,

I know I have been long gone from Blogging, but I have been busy doing videos of the crafts I have made. I will share some of those projects on a later posts (PROMISE). I will do everything possible to post more often.

Here are some mini banners I have been embellishing. I purchased the wooden banners at Michaels on clearance for 5 cents. Yes, 5 cents and knew when I saw them what I wanted to do with them.
I embellished 3 for Halloween and the remainder with words like, Happy (because that is how I feel when I am crafting), Smile (because I smile when I am in my room crafting), Love (because I love to craft), Art (because crafting is an art) and last Craft (because that is what I do when I am in my craft room). Hope that explains why I chose these words. LOL.

Ok, so here are the banners:

I hope you all like them and have enjoyed reading my blog. I will be back to post the new layouts I have created.

Have a great rest of the week and weekend.