Thursday, April 16, 2015

Easter decorations 2015

I know Easter is long gone now, but I thought I would share my home decorated for the occasion.
There are alot of pictures but these are probably my favorite.

Hope you have enjoyed all the pictures. I am also hoping I can come back soon and post some more projects, well layouts soon.

Thanks for stopping by today and happy crafting.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Bottle Caps and Book Marks

So ever since the Holidays I have been crafting away. I know I have not shared but here are a few things I have worked on. 

Here are some bottle caps I altered. So much fun to make these and super easy. The difficult part is adding the beads you want, not that its difficult, just difficult to decide which ones. 

Book marks. I watched a video and saw some of Pinterest. I added it to my to do list immediately. Thought what a cute idea to give to friends for their Bibles. Most of us have kindles or a gadget to download books, so we don't own books. Perfect gift for even mother's day. 

I know I made alot and these are not all of them. I have more that I have made to send to my youngest daughter to gift to the girls in her Bible study group. 

Hope I have inspired some of you to make either the bottle caps or the book marks. 

Thank you for stopping by and Happy Crafting. 

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas decorations 2014

Hello my blogging friends.

I wanted to share my decorations for 2014. This year I put up 8 trees around my home. Lots of work but so fun when it is all said and done.

Here are lots of the pictures I took of our home.

 My craft room tree in pink with bright colored ornaments.
 A gingerbread house in the kitchen.
 Santa's in my living room.
 Angel tree in my living room dedicated to my mom with a Nativity scene.
 Dining room table setting.

 Fake fireplace in the family room. In Florida we do not need to stay warm.
 Main tree in the family room decorated with elves and red and greens. Love the traditional colors.
This antique curio houses my Disney snowglobes. Here are the decorations I put in it.
 Santa tree in the master bedroom.
 Family of mouses.
 Gingerbread tree in my living room.
 Rudolph and friends tree in my youngest daughters room.
 More Santa's on the hall way table.
 Shabby pastel colored tree my stepdaughters room.
 Precious Moments village. First time in 6 years that I put it up.
 The hubs office is decorated with a small tree filled with tool ornaments.
 Can you see the ladder and screw driver in this picture.
 The guest bathroom has snowmen and a very old tree with glass ornaments.

And lastly my craft room with my curated Christmas area.

So there it is. My home filled with lots and lots of Christmas decorations. I really hope you all have enjoyed the tour.

Happy Holidays.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Craft room decorated for Christmas 2014

Hello my blogging friends. I have been MIA, been busy with family, home and just life itself.

I did manage to decorate my craft room for the holidays. Actually I have decorated all of my home, but for now I will show the craft area.

 This section has some of my crafting Christmas things that I will be using for gifts, like tags, pom poms, bells, etc. Also have out some things I want to play with, kits of gingerbreads, gingerbread houses, snowglobes a sled and some other felt ornaments.

Here is my build a bear.

This is my Pink Christmas tree which every year I add a few new ornaments. 

 I have been on a banner high lately. These are a few of the ones I created for Christmas. I plan on selling them at a craft show in 2 weeks. 
Here are some pink mittens I altered, by adding fur like, buttons, pretty pink paper with snowflakes and some felt snowflakes with bling on them. 

Two clocks I added some pretty Santa Clause paper a chain and some beads and to top it off a jingle bell. 

 My new obsession. Altering bottle caps. LOL. They are so fun to make. I plan on selling these at the craft show as well.

This last picture is showing a shadow box with some compartments to hold some of my Christmas embellishments. So fun to see the things you have and easy access to them. 

Hope you guys like what I have done with my craft room. 

Will be back with my Christmas home tour pictures. 

Friday, November 21, 2014

Thanksgiving decorations 2014

Hello my blogging friends.

Here are my decorations for Thanksgiving this year.

Hope you enjoy.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends.