Monday, May 11, 2020

Lanai makeover

Hello everyone,

I am back with a new post. I know its been a year since my last post, but honestly I have no excuse for not blogging. Maybe laziness.

I am sharing my lanai at our second home. We have it just about 100% finished. We are on the hunt for a new bar-b-que and cover and for a big plant. Unfortunately I can't plant anything real because they will die since I am only there on the weekends, so it wasn't profitable now to spend the money on real plants.
The transformation all started when we were painting the ceiling, which was a huge problem because the texture started to peel right off as we rolled on  the paint. So we had to scrape down all the texture and paint it. Then we painted the floor. And this is the final result.

Here are some of the pics.

The rocking chairs were from the dumpster at a school job site. My husband was working at the school and they had thrown them out. He sent me pics and of course I had to say yes. Wish he would have brought 4 but 3 is better then none at all. We painted them and added the cushions. All the cushions and pillows were purchased at Walmart. Which by the way, Walmart is really having some nice decorations for your home lately. The table in the middle we brought from the other home as well. Just painted it and added a few accent pieces to dress it up.

The lantern hung on the column is also a Walmart find. They are the brand home and gardens. They look so nice lit up at night. The rug is from Sam's club. And the dining set is from the Home Depot.
The 3 pots on the table, my oldest daughter gifted them to me. She no longer wanted them. I added some fake greenery from Walmart as well.

This bench is also from the other home. We painted it as well. Added the pillows (Walmart) and I think it gave it a lot of life with the pops of color. The angel and pot on the floor are going to be put together again and I will be adding some greenery.

The iron piece on the wall is intended for small candles, but my sister suggested to add cactuses. That was brilliant and I loved the idea, so I bought some cactuses and it looks really nice.

The iron piece on the wall is from Kirklands. I had it hung inside the house. I had recently brought it down and had it in my closet, so out it came. Was the perfect size for that wall.

I added the bee pillow to this rocking chair since it is on the other side. The table I brought from the other home. Gave it a fresh coat of paint and done.

I did plant some succulents since those do not need much water. I do plan on putting them in some prettier pots when I find them.

Thank you all for stopping by my blog. Hope you enjoyed the post and like the transformation. Wish I would have taken before pics.

Hope you all have a wonderful day, stay safe and sane during these hard times. Here in Miami, we are still under strict restrictions. We must all wear a mask inorder to enter any establishment. Beaches are going to reopen and hopefully this time they will obey the orders of having to wear a mask and keeping away 6ft from one another.

What are your states doing to prevent the spread of the Corona-virus?

Thursday, April 4, 2019


Hello everyone.

This post is a sad one for me. Our Furry Friend Roscoe has passed and has now crossed over the rainbow bridge. His passing was sudden. He was not sick nor did he have any issues, except for his weight. He was very heavy and no matter what we did he would not lose an ounce. The doctor did tell us that he had borderline thyroid issues, but not enough to put him on meds yet. I would walk him up to 6 times a day, but I guess old age caught up to him. He was almost 12 years old. Young most would say, but it was his time to go. He took his last 2 breaths on the way to the vets office. By the time we arrived, he was gone. We were able to spend some time with him before we walked away and said our last goodbyes. He lived a very good life. Never once slept outside, always fed and bathed and traveled with us all the time, unless we went on a cruise and for that my dad stayed with him at our home. I would like to believe that we gave him the best life we could.

Here are a few pics of his last days with us. Happy as usual and always wagging his tail.

You could see in these pics his white hairs. Even his paws (can't tell in the pics) were already turning white.

The day after his passing, my husband and I decided to get matching tattoos with his name and a paw print. Although I have him in my heart and always will, now we have his name engraved into us.

Thank you to all that stop my blog although I have not been posting much. I know I keep saying I will post more often, but life sometimes gets in the way and its not possible.

Again, thank you for stopping by.

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Christmas Home Decorations

Hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas holiday. My husband was off for 3 weeks and we spent the entire time at our home in Vero Beach. We had so much fun and really enjoyed our time there. we went o the Vero Beach Disney Resort on Christmas day and could not believe the amount of people in the pool and the beach. Where else but in Florida are people in bathing suits and swimming. While the rest of the country is all bundled up with pretty sweaters and infront of a fire. I will be honest though I am kind of jealous that I haven't really experienced that before. Maybe one day, but for now I'll enjoy the Florida weather.

Here are some pics from December 25th.

And now for some of the decorations around the house.

I did not take pics of the rest of the trees nor the rest of the decorations. Completely forgot. But I do have a video of my home tour on youtube.

You should be able to click on the link below if not go to youtube and type in my name: ana llanes.

Hope you all are having a wonderful 2019 so far.

Thank you for stopping by my blog and please leave a comment telling me what you think of my home decorations, and if you get a chance stop by my youtube channel.

Monday, December 31, 2018

Scrapbooking Layouts

Hello everyone,

Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas. Although I was super duper busy with friends at the vacation home, I still made time to craft. I was super excited to stay in my happy place awake crafting until the crack of dawn. One night I stayed up until 3am and at 3:30am I made breakfast for my husband and I and another night I stayed up until 5am and at 7am I was up ready to go. I am like the OWLS. I can sleep 2 hours in the afternoon and then be up until the following day. I craft best at night.

OK, so I will stop rambling and show you all the layouts I have put together. Only 2 have pictures of my nieces baby. Well not a baby anymore, she is now 3.

This top layouts is missing another ghost on the top left hand corner of the layout. But I did not have my laptop to be able to cut it. 

I hope you all like the layouts. Thank you for stopping by and visiting my blog. I am hoping I blog more in 2019. those are my plans, but you all know plans seem to change from one minute to another.

Hope everyone has a Happy new Year. May 2019 be amazing and bring you all good health, lots of laughter and especially lots and lots of LOVE.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

New Hutch

Hello everyone.

 I wanted to share my new hutch. If you know me, you know that I love love love milk glass. I started collecting years ago and have loved it since. I would put them in my scrap room with my buttons, beads, ribbons and anything else that looked pretty in them.
When we purchased the new home I continued collecting, I could not pass up on the great deals at the thrift stores in the area. So when my husband realized that I was running out of space, he said you are going to need a hutch.
That was all he had to say for me to start looking for one. I first looked in the furniture store we purchased our dining room, but nothing. At least nothing that caught my eye. So I went onto the next best thing (actually the best thing) offer up, craigslist and facebook market place. I wanted one that I could paint the color of the legs and chairs of my dining room set.
 I saw this hutch and thought it had potential and best part was that it was only $50.00 dollars. I contacted the seller, but no answer for 2 days. Finally they got back to me and the following day I went to see it. I knew right then and there that I would be buying it. So I asked a friend to come with me since my husband was in the other home working. He would not be up until the weekend and I could not wait because the deal was so good that someone would snatch it from me. So that night I went and when I got there the owner was not home. They were out to dinner. But I did not give up. I waited until they got home. I will tell you the house was pretty scary looking. They were renovating it and it looked really bad. But I over looked all the dirt and smell. I immediately said yes and another friend came in her van to pick it up and drop it off at my house.
That night I sprayed it with lysol all over.

Scary looking, but I knew it would look great after painting it.

What do you think? Would you have purchased it?

So on Friday afternoon when my husband got to the house, he was surprised with this hutch. He did like it and immediately said, lets clean it up. I sprayed it with awesome from the Dollar tree all over and hosed it down. Most of the yellow varnish did come off. I did not think Awesome was that powerful. I was like, great. Less sanding to give it. We let it dry really well and on Saturday morning we went to the Home Depot and purchased the paint. I purchased a pale cream color almost the same as the color of the dining legs and chairs. We got to the house and began to lightly sand it down. The more we sanded it down the less I wanted to paint it but I did not want to say anything after buying the paint and I really wanted the smell it had of old furniture to go away. I knew the paint would take it away. So I kept quiet. But then my husband says I think we should leave it the color it has. I was like but what about the paint? He said you will find something else to paint with it. You never let paint go to waste. You are always inventing something. I was like YES. He said why don't we put some Old English oil on it. I had some in a dark color and the regular one. When I put the oil on it, it looked so pretty I could not agree more with my husband.

Here it is in the house after 1 coat of Old English.

I pulled out my dished that were gifted to me by my dear friend Carol. Thank you Carol for the beautiful dishes. Although I love the dishes and being able to display them, I knew I would also want to display my milk glass. Especially all the new pieces I had purchased.

So here it is with the milk glass.

And now here it is decorated for Christmas.

I really love the way it looks with the milk glass and now with the Christmas decorations.

 The gentleman that sold it to me said it was his moms. She had it before he was even born and he was about 75 years old. I think I got a great deal and am so happy with the outcome.

Sorry for the long post, but I had to tell the story of my new/old Hutch.

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Christmas in Vero Beach

Hello everyone. Well todays post is about my home in Vero Beach, Florida decorated for Christmas.
We started with the Christmas village. It took us 3 days to put it all together and are excite to have it up and done.

I took plenty of pictures to post so here they are. I will warn you, there are a lot of pictures. Wanted to post the process of putting together our village.

 This top picture shows when I was bringing out the houses. 

Here I am taking each one out and if you notice on the tables you will see many of them out. 

Here my husband has already built the platforms for the houses. And many of the homes are in place.

In this picture I am on the table putting the lights in each house. By this time  my back was in so much pain but I wanted to finish so badly I just kept on going. 

More houses being connected. 

Here I am again making sure each house is lit up. 

These top 2 pics show the village lit up at night time. Still had no trees nor accessories. 

Look at ll the wiring underneath the table. Lots of work for my husband. 

The wiring from another angle. 

These are most of the accessories that i had to find places for.  

The mess in my living room. By then I had already put some of the bins and boxes away. 

Here I am again, fluffing up the trees and placing them around the houses. 

 Close ups of the cotton in place. 

Here I am putting the accessories on place. 

Almost 100% done. AS you can see the skirt is in place. Covering all the wires. 

I know lots of pictures, but I wanted to show you all the process of how my husband and I have put the village together.

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I will soon be back with a few other things and the rest of the Christmas decorations.