Friday, December 24, 2010

latest layout

Well this layout is finally done. Not really 100%, but it will do for now. I have hung it up in my room until I decide what it needs, like a TITLE. Which I have thought of already, just not cut out the letters and glued them on. It will read on top somewhere (will have to move the matts down) Santa Clause Is Coming To Town. I think this title will fit perfectly for the layout.

I would like to Thank all the followers I have and all of my blogger friends. I hope this holiday season is filled with lots of love and good health. Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas everyone

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas. Hope it is spent with family and friends and with lots of LOVE and HEALTH. Hope you all receive what you have been wanting and more. But lets not forget what the true meaning of Christmas really is. It is not about receiving or giving, it is about the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Great weekend

Hey everyone,
I had a great weekend. Not only did I do some shopping, take a picture with Santa (yes I did), finish 2 layouts, but I also had Paula from,  come over an give me and a friend of mine a class on how to use the Gypsy. I purchased it when HSN debuted it and have not used it except to Link my cartridges. We had such a blast. I had met Paula back in October at a crop for Breast Cancer and thought then she was a trip, but now I know she is a trip. We have laughed so hard, she was even crying. Anyhow, head on over to her bog and see all the amazing things she does daily. Her Christmas cards are amazing.

For this first layout I used the Jolly Holidays cartridge from walmart. I love everything about it. The paper used is from Joanns christmas stack from last year. Some of the paper is glittered and the others are glossy. Love them.

 This next layouts I used A Childs Year cartridge. I thought i would never use this cartridge and actually I have used it several times. I decided to make a boy and girls layout. Both layout are of Santa gicing the children a gift. I decided to stickle Santa's hat and put an actual pom-pom on it and glazed his boots.  I also added a bow to the girls hair and stickled her feet as if she had slippers on in PINK. The garland I made several of put them together and added a bow inbetween each one as if it as a garland, I added red beads to them for the berries. I stamped pines behind the Santa and kids. The stamp is from Hero arts. I purchased it at Joanns. I then stickled it as well as the leaves with green and cinnamon stickles.

 I hope you all enjoy it as much as much as I have making them.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Finally finished

Hello my blogger friends. Can you believe I have finally finished the Nativity scene? I can't believe it. This definitely took me alot more time than I anticipated. I thought I would have been done with it by now, but NO. There are alot and I mean alot of pieces. Anyone that knows and has done paper piecing will probably start it and never finish it. I did with the help and push of my husband. Thank God for him supporting me through this. I am telling you all I think it looks great but alot of hard work. Probably and I say probably because you should never say never, but I don't think I will be doing another one of this Nativity scene any time soon. I do have to say I have done other things alone the way. I did not only work on this. When I would get frustrated with this I would go to something else. I have started 2 other layouts, which I will be posting soon. Till then I leave you with a picture of all the pieces put together and stickled.

The Nativity scene has 3 angels, 3 shepards, 3 wise men, a camel, the manger, the stable, baby Jesus, Joseph and Mary .

Hoep you all enjoy it.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

More decorations

OK, I have finally finished my husbands office. We went and bought this super cute 3ft tree at Home Depot. Only $9.00 dollars. I decorated his tree with red, green and clear balls. And then I added his tool ornaments, they are elves trying to operate them and then others are glass ones. I took pictures of it this morning. I really like the way this tree came out. Hope you all do to.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Looking alot like Christmas

Hello blogger friends,
 Kitchen x-mas tree, in blues, silvers and greens with snowmans.

 Dining room table. Finally found a runner long enough for the table. found it at Costco, it is 6 feet long. Love it.

 This picture is of the fireplace in our living room. The tree is decorated with red and greens and some blues. The bears are animated my mom sent them to me about 15 years ago from Tennessee which she bought at a garage sale.

This is the village which my husband and I have been collecting for years from department 56.  This year I did not want to put up a huge display so this is what we did. As it is there are about 42 houses.

This picture is a close up of one of the houses in the village. It is called the Ice Palace. It is all white and the top dome changes colors. So this year I decided to put it as Santa's home.  Santa has a list in his hand with all the good boys and girls names on it.

This is the top part of our Christmas tree which is in our family room. I love the traditional red and green theme. The elf on the tree is about 3 feet tall. He sits on a branch and has a bird sitting on his hand.

This last picture is of my husbands office. I put up this tree for now until he brings me another 3 foot tree tomorrow. For now this will have to do. It has different ornaments, including a hammer, a wrench and some other tools that I cannot remember. My husband is a contractor that explains the tools. 

Just wanted to share with you what has been going on around here this weekend. I have not done much scrapping except a little bit of cutting with my RED cricut and the new Lite cartridge Jolly Holiday.  I did not get one of the new ones from Walmart but this is like if it was new. I have only used it once and that was last year on black friday. Now that I  have finally finished the inside of the house I can go back to scrapping.  I am so very happy. I took these pictures of the house today to share with you all.  Hope you all enjoy them as much as I am. 

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Black Friday shopping

Well I hope everyone had a wonderful Turkey Day and then a great Black Friday shopping Day. I know I did. At 9:30pm a friend of mine Dayami came over to gowith my husband and I shopping at Walmart for the cricut and cricut cartridges. As you all know I own the baby, the white expression and also the red, so ofcourse I did NOT get another one. Not that I did not want to purchase the yellow one since that is my all time favorite color. My friend Dayami purchased the lime green and we both purchased the cartridges, Jolly Holidays and Twinkle Toes. But the best part is when we got their we stood like 2 sargeants in front of the palet holding the cartridges and machine. Dayami kept telling my husband that when they gave the OK to open the containers to make sure he got her a lime green one. (We were so excited to get the things we wanted that we forgot to videotape the adventure.) But when the manager said open the containers she began to scream out my husbands name to help her get her lime green cricut. The lime green one was all the way at the bottom of the palet, my husband literally threw all the other colors to the floor and grabbed hers. She yelled and jumped up and down for joy like a 6 year old getting a gift. Boy was she excited and happy. My husband is such a sweet heart he asked me several times to get the color that I wanted. Even as we were paying he asked me which color I wanted but I said no.
The funny part of the whole shopping was when the manager gave the OK to open the packages, it began in the front of the store and we were all the way in the back, it sounded like someone was with a machine gun shooting and Dayami and I both just freaked out and just froze until we realized what was going on. At that point I grabbed the Jolly Holidays and the Twinkle Toes cartridges. This was at 11:30pm but we were not able to pay until midnight because the registers were not giving the sale prices till then.
We got home at 1:30am and talked and laughed at the mission we had until 2 am. At that time Dayami went back home and we went to bed.
I was up at 7:15am and we went to the Paper Niche to turn in a layout and then my husband took me to the jewelry store to get me the Pandora bracelet that I had been wanting. When we walked into the store, he told the girl to make sure that I filled it up. I chose 11 charms plus the bracelet. I think I did enough damage for the first time going. I will eventually fill it up and start a second one. I have marked in the book the others that I want. LOL. I saw him looking at the book tonight to see what I had marked. I am sure by the time Christmas comes around I will have it filled all the way.
So I am glad that I did not get the expression (even thought I really wanted it) because I got a nicer gift.

Tonight Dayami and I have been on I chat, talking and cutting with the new cartridge Jolly Holiday. We both cut the same things and tomorrow will continue to finish the layout we both want to do. She will probably come over to finish it together.

As I said in the beginning of the post I hope you all had as much fun as we did shopping.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Another layout

I'm back. I had forgotten to post this layout I did this weekend at a friends house. She had a crop at her house on saturday from 10am to 2am. We had such a good time. Here is the picture of the layout. Hope you all enjoy it. I used the My Minds Eye Collection. And the layout was from another friend of mine that went to a scrapbooking convention in Puerto Rico and she had bought the kit. I fell in love with it and purchased the paper at the Paper Niche. By the way if you have not been their, you have to go. This store has anything and everything you would be looking for. Go to the website,

New layout

Hello everyone,
I just finished this layout yesterday but had not taken a picture of it. I used the Bo Bunny collection and the Simply Charmed cricut cartridge. I hope you all like it. 

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Latest layout

Hello everyone,
I just wanted to share with you a layout I did at a crop at a friends house. She had done this layout but with a frog paper pieced. I decided to use my new cartridge Create a critter. I ordered it on the thursday cricutmachine. com had the sale. Hope you all enjoy it. I also made a christmas layout but aI have not taken pictures of it. I will post it once I have the photo.

I hope you all have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving Day with lots of love with family and friends. OOPS I almost forgot eat lots of Turkey.

Also have fun shopping on black friday.
I know I am.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Pink X-mas tree

Hey everyone,
I wanted to post a picture of my pink christmas tree. I found this tree 2 years ago at Michaels and could not resist. I bought it with a 40% off coupon. The first year it had only bells in pink, aqua and lime green. Last year after christmas my husband and I went shopping and found all the balls it holds now. I found all the balls at Target.  I love it and makes my room feel so christmassy. Hope you all like it.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Hello everyone,
I decided to get into a challenge in Momo's blog. Made by Momo. Her challenge is something with a turkey. Here is what I  came up with. I think the turkey is adorable and I decided to make the feathers with different colors instead of being the traditional brown and beige colors. It also looks like I have given it some steroids. It is a giant. LOL. But i still think it is cute.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Garage Sale find

If you know me you know that I am a garage sale junkie. I have been going to garage sales since I was probably in diapers. Thanks to my MOM. We are 3 sisters and 2 of us love them. When I had my girls I use to take them with me. One day they will appreciate all of the great finds and attend them religiously as I do. When they were about 4 I would give them there own money and they would pay for what they wanted. They began to look forward to going to them as time went by, I would give them the choice to stay home sleeping with Dad or come with me and of course they would get up and leave with me. Now I have my husband hooked into them and we go everywhere and anywhere.  Today I found a couple of things and decided to post my finds in my blog to share with you all. Those that love garage sales can appreciate my finds. I know I am. I found this frame and thought I had to have it and hang it in my home.  I purchased these 3 precious moments. I started the collection for my oldest daughter but now that she is in college she no longer wants them so I have kept them and have continued the collection. Maybe someday she or my youngest (also in college) will want them for there children. I also found a rocking chair. I did not take a picture of that but I love rocking chairs. I plan on putting it outside in my patio with the others that I have found. Hope you enjoy my post even though it had nothing to do with scrapbooking.

Nativity set # 1

Hey everyone, I wanted to post last night what I had been up to last night, but by the time I was done I was exhausted. My eyes were blurring out and my head was pounding. As you know I am big time and I mean BIG TIME into paper piecing. Most of my layouts if not all have something to do with paper piecing. I either buy the patterns or draw my own. I went into My scrap chick website and decided to purchase the Nativity seen set. Boy was this a big mistake. Not a mistake but a challenge. There are so many pieces to each character that I think I will never finish. I have only been able to cut the first set and then redo it on the color paper I have chosen. If you have the SCAL then I would assume it is easier and faster. I do not own this program so mine is all cut by hand. Let me tell you I started at about 8:30pm and did not finish until 1am. I was the whole entire time cutting with my scissors. But I finally finished the manger, Joseph, Mary, the stable and the star. I still have a long way to go before I am done. But I will finish. PROMISE and when I do I will post them all done. For now I will leave you with the first set. Also the other picture shows all of the other patterns I need to still cut and then trace onto my color of choice paper I decide to use and then cut those. Lots of work but by the time it is finished it will all be worth it. I still have the 3 wise men, the camel, 3 sheep, 3 angel and the 3 shephards.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Wacky Wednesday #15 Challenge

Paula in More Than Favors Blog is hosting a challenge. Her challenge is called Wacky Wednesday # 15 challenge. For this challenge you have to use brown, green and blue. I paper pieced this little boy catching butterflies and dragon flies. His shirt is blue, the leaves are all green and the matts are with brown. On the second page I did not know what to do, so I decided to just put leaves on the bottom and a couple more matts and a snail. I hope you all like it.

Give Thanks Layout

Hello everyone,
Just wanted to show you the latest layout I did for Thanksgiving. I named it Give Thanks, because we should all be Thankful for this world we live in.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

New Pictures

Hello my followers.
First thing. I have been able to finally fix my blog. I was able to download the new background. I love this fall background. I had so much fun downloading it. My poor husband was with me along the way. Thanks to him I was able to do it. At one point I was going to give up and he kept on telling me what to do.
I am uploading pictures of my room. I love my room. It is my happy place. The time I am not cleaning, cooking, doing yard work or playing with my dog Roscoe I am in this room. Actually, everyone that comes to visit ends up in this room. This really is my happy place. I hope you all enjoy taking a look at my room. I will soon be posting a tour of my room. I will go into details of how I organize my things. For now enjoy the pictures.
The first picture shows the entrance to my laundry room (look Teri your banner, Love it), the armoire stores my albums and my bags to go to crops. The frame on top of the armoire was made with the cricut by my husband and I. The second picture shows the other side of the laundry room ( don't you just love the banner) where I have alot of my pattern papers and on the bottom is one of the cubes from Target with baskets holding different stuff. The next picture is showing my work stations. I have 4 for friends to come over and scrap with me. I also teach every once in awhile at home so this is really comfortable to have. The painting on the wall is of Alladin (my favorite). My niece drew it for me. The last picture is of the back part of my scraproom. The picture window on the back has my most recent layouts hanging from it. The next 2 stations on the back hold my 2 cricuts (a red one and the white one), my clip it up, my cuttle bug and my MAC computer. I love my Mac. That was my anniversary gift. You can also see the shelves on the side that hold alot of my goodies in jars, baskets, cricut cartridges well you get the picture. When I do my video which will be the tour of my room I will be more specific with everything.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Hey everyone. I have been gone since I have been fighting a cold for 2 weeks now. Still have the sore throat. I think it has been more like 3 weeks now. I plan on going to the doctor this week. I have finally learned how to I chat. A friend of mine Dayami and I played around with it yesterday and had a blast. We laughed like dummies looking at each other and showing each other our new things in the scraproom. I will be back later with my latest layout. It is a little plain but the boy is really cute.
Oh, also I took a class at the Mac store to learn about the new computer and I am taking another one on friday. Fridays class is how to do things with your pictures and videos. Can't wait, I am excited to play around with that. I did already learn how to do a slide show for my desktop. I know, not a biggy for most of you but for me that is computer illiterate it is. Come back soon for the latest layout.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

new layout

Hi everyone,
I just finished this layout this morning and wanted to share with you all. I hope you all like it. Lately I have been working on holiday layouts. I guess because of the holidays. This is another one of Fall. The little boy is playing with the fallen leaves. I cut the leaves from the paper doll cartridge in several sizes and with different patterned papers. the trees are also made with the different patterned papers. I usually do not use the same line of paper on my layouts. Ilike to ix and match. I hope you all like it.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Anniversary gift

Hello everyone,
I just got my anniversary gift. My anniversary is on October 31, yes, Halloween day. We were married on that special day. We both love the holiday so decided that was good day for us to marry. Well back to the gift. He got me a new computer. Not just a computer but the apple wireless 21.5 inch. It is so cool, now I just have to learn how to use this baby. It is so nice and big. One of the best things is that the keyboard and the mouse are both wireless, and no cords. Only the one to the power and the one for the internet. I hate seeing all those cords. I will post pictures once I learn how to use it. I will be getting my first training on tuesday November 2nd. Can't wait. Well this is all for now, I know boring but I will be posting soon and have pictures. I have a new layout but need to glue everything down. Once I have it all done I will post the pictures.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Latest layout

Hello my blogger friends,

I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend. I have been sick fighting a really bad cold. I would not doubt I have bronchitis. But I did want to share my latest layout. I saw this picture in a calendar and knew I just had to do a layout like it. The calendar is just the boy, a girl and the sled. I added the house and trees to it. It reminded me of when you go to pick out your christmas tree. I hand drew and pieced each piece. The trees are from the Christmas layout I did last year. And the house my hubby helped me put it together. The paper on the matts is from DCWV paper stack from last year.

I hope you all like it. I will be back with new ones this week, well one new one that I plan on starting tomorrow.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Weekend Update.

Well I have so many things to share that happened this weekend. First of all I want to say that I said Good bye to my Imagine. After playing with it a couple of times and watching some videos, I just did not think it was for me. Secondly, I went to the Scrap Expo but was not impressed. I only spent 50.00 which $ 8.00 was the entrance fee. I could not believe how small it was. Was not worth the drive and time. Thirdly, The Scrapping In Pink event was a great success. I had a really great time. I was able to meet so many girls that also have the same passion that I do, PLAYING WITH PAPER. The event was for 12 hours and was for a wonderful cause, Breast Cancer. Eni was the host and she did a wonderful job putting it together. Thanks Eni for a great event.
And lastly, Sunday after cleaning and doing things around the house, I can't believe that Teri from Teri Beri's creations came to visit. I was honored to meet her about a week ago when a bunch of ladies got together to shop at a near by store. If you have not gone to this website do so and if you are from Miami call and visit his warehouse. He has tons of goodies. OK, so back to Teri. Yesterday she came over with her cutie little son and brought me the famous banner. I saw her banner on her blog and contacted her to give me the recipe. She called me that evening, we spoke for about an hour and told me about a challenge giving one away. I did not win the challenge and was bummed out so she surprised me with it yesterday. How sweet. I will be putting it together this week and putting it up in my room. It is definitely going to be a great addition to my room. The banner is beautiful and I hope you are all jealous. Thank you Teri for such a great surprise and gift. Hopefully we can have some more encounters creating together.
As you can see I had a great weekend and wanted to share with you all the fun.

Friday, October 15, 2010

New layout

hello everyone,

I wanted to share my latest layout. I have to say that it is not my typical kind of layouts. I am not used to this type of work. It was a big challenge for me.

It took me 3 days to finish it. The christmas tree is all hand cut and hand pieced. It has rhinestones in red, green and clear, a bead garland and bows. The star is stickled and glazed. The window has sewed curtains. I put a transparency to give it a glass effect. Threw the window you can see the snowflakes and snow. I put a garland on the top of the window made of the beads and fiber and 3 tiny flowers. The bows make it seem like they are holding the curtain open but they have a hand sewed stitch to hold them back. The gifts are a square punch in 2 different sizes and then I covered them with bows and a charm. The little girls dress is a red/burgandy fabric with lace around her waist and the bottom, then a bow. Her hair has 3 mini roses on it. She is holding her bear which is also hand cut and pieced. The fireplace is cut with the cricut. I made the fire with a shiny orange paper, it looks in person as if the fire was really lit. I made the stockings out of fabric. There is also a garland on the top made with beads and a fiber. Same as the one over the window. I also added the tiny flowers to it. The santa clauses are a rub on which I put on regular cardstock and then I cut around them. The layout holds 3 matts, one is on the layout and the other 2 are behind the fireplace and behind the window.

I really enjoyed making this layout. I was very time consuming but was well worth it after it is all said and done.

Please leave a comment. The comments will inspire me to want to do more.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Shopping at Scrapyland

This is my second post for the day. I just wanted to let you in on an online store that I was told about my Teri from Teri Beri's creations. It is an online store but also sells to local scrapbookers since there are no local stores in this area anymore. All stores besides Michaels and Joanns have closed down. You can google his store and call him (Dani) if you are a local. He will open to you to shop. He will be moving in the next week or 2 to a 6000 square feet warehouse. He is thinking about having some classes.
Ten of us got together yesterday to meet each other, we have all met through U-tube, shop and then have lunch. It is funny how we are all crafters, yet all 10 of us do something different. We had such a blast and shopped and laughed and then went to the Olive Garden for lunch.

I am glad that I met all the girls and hope that we can continue doing this atleast once a month. Thanks to Teri for inviting me and making me a part of this great shopping haul.

The picture above shows most of the things I purchased. I bought 5 cricut cartridges, the pink tape glider, a distress it all machine, 4 bottles of liquid pearls, 2 packs of paper from Cosmo Cricket, about 25 bottles of sitckles (did not picture them all) and a tool to pick up rhinestones or small objects. And 4 flower soft containers. I think I mentioned it all.