Friday, January 28, 2011

Sisters layout

Hello bloggers,
I wanted to show you my latest layout. Yes I plan on this time putting pictures, even though it looks so pretty jwithout them.  I did make the little girls with the color hair my girls have. I have a blondie and a burnette. This layout has lots of details in it. I drew and paper pieced each little girl. I used flowers (roses) and green pearls for the head piece on the blonde girl. I used for the first time seeds for the head piece on the other girl. The seeds are different color purples, blues and pinks. I used ribbon on the shoes to make the pair seem like ballet slippers. I also used lace on the dresses. I really enjoyed putting this layout together. I started it last night and finished this morning. I just got around to taking pictures of it and to post them.

Here are the pictures of the layout. Please leave a comment telling me what you think. Thanks.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

new layout

Hello everyone,
Just wanted to show you the new layout I had been working on. I finally finished it. I paper pieced the little girl and the little caterpillar. I used lots of flowers from my stash. All different types. If you all know me you know that I am a cardstock and flower hoarder. I buy all types of flowers and then I put them away. I do not like to use them because I feel that one day I may want to use one and it will be gone. Meanwhile. I keep buying more and more. Even if I never purchase another flower again I will never be able to use them all. LOL. I am sure their are many of you the same out their. OK, now back to the layout.  I cut the stems of the flowers and the banners on top from the cricut cartridge create a critter. I used beaded string to make the leash for the caterpillar. The caterpillar has a pink bow. Isn't it cute. I stickled most of the flowers and the little girls dress and shoes.
 The little girl has wings on her back. You can't really see them well in the pictures. I purchased these at the dollar store. They came 2 or 3 in a package. I cut them in half to be able to put them on the girl and for them to show on both sides of her. I then hot glued them to her back.

 Here is a close up of the caterpillar with the pink leash.
 Here is a close up of the little girl and her caterpillar.
 Look how cute, she is walking her pet caterpillar.
 This is a close up of some of the flowers I used. I layered 2 and 3 of them together and used rhinestone brads. Look how cute the lady bugs. I purchased those at Michaels.
Here is a complete picture of the layout.

I hope you all like it and please of you can leave a comment. I love to read them and believe it or not, your comments inspire me to keep on creating. Thanks.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

latest layout

So I have finally finished the layout. I started this one on thursday and just finished it. I drew the bunnies and the little boy. He is paper pieced and so are the bunnies. His bunny costume is made with doodle bug felt paper. I put a pom pom on the little boy and the bunny. The little chickens are stickers from michaels, the butterflies and birds are also from michaels. The tulips were cut with the cricut and the little flowers are from my stash. The paper that I used are from Heidi Grace. Love this paper line of hers. I found it at Joanns on sale and just knew I had to have it. I hope you all like the layout.

Have a great weekend.

Friday, January 21, 2011


Well I want to let everyone that visits my blog that I have done it again. I donated platelets again this morning. I did get sick at the blood center. They had to give me a barf bag and alcohol and a powerade drink. Since I got home I had been in bed without being able to get up. But I am feeling a little better now. Well not really but I am tired of being in bed. I just wanted for you all to know that I am trying to keep up with what I have wanted to do since the year started. I hope you all could find it in your hearts (if you are healthy enough), to be able to do the same. Their are so many kids and adults in need of platelets, blood and plasma. I urge you all to go if you can and donate. You don't have to do it like I do but you can at least once every 6 months. Anything will help. Reading about some of these children is heart breaking, how can I say no to saving a life, even if it is for 2 weeks.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

2 new layouts

I wanted to post my 2 latest layouts. I started one on monday and the other one yesterday. I just finished them both. I decided to start my valentines day ones early. I know I said I would start the year scrapbooking photos, but I am just having a hard time letting go of what I love to do (paper piecing). For both the layouts I used create a critter cricut cartridge. The paper is from my old stash, but loved the colors and was perfect for the Valentines day theme.

 These hearts are made of felt. I bought this pack at Joanns about 2 weeks ago.
The dog and wagon were cut with the create a critter cartridge. These hearts are foam. I bought the pack at the dollar store. I stickled the dogs hair and put baby pink bows on her.

This layout has flowers of different types and the felt ones I bought at Michaels. I used wire for the stems. All I did was triple loop them and then tangle them together. I glued them down with glossy accents. The paper used on this layout is also from my stash.

On another note I wanted to let you know that I have kept my promise. I donated platelets on 1-7-2011 and I am donating again this friday. Even though I get sick and have to be in bed the remainder of the day, I will do my best to donate every 2 weeks. How can I say NO to children that need them so desperately. When I receive the phone call from the blood center all I can think about are the parents of these sick children. This is what keeps me going back.

Monday, January 10, 2011

new layout

  hello everyone,

Just wanted to stop by and say hello and show you the layout I have done. I actually finished it last week on thursday but had not uploaded it into my computer. I did add another pattern paper to the matts, my biggest crittic (husband) told me that it was to plain. I sprayed the paper with alcohol inks from tim holtz and then put sticker felt snow flakes on it. The picture does no justice. But it looks really nice with the soft pinks and blues. I used glitter snow for the snow effect on the bottom.

Did you all hear about the cricut cartridges at Michaels for 9.99. I went with Teri from teri beris creations and Mercy (don't know her blog name) (sorry Mercy). We had such a great time. Teri picked me up and we went shopping to Mercy's house then to Teri's house and then back to mine. We hung out till about 3pm. We had a blast. Loved spending time with them both. Mercy has twins and man are they cute. I would have loved to bring them home with me. They were so disciplined and nice and loveable. They came up to both Teri and I and gave us hugs and kisses. So sweet. Her home was super nice, her boys room is painted with dinosaurs which are to die for and of course her scraproom is really nice and big. She has tons of stuff to scrap with. We could go shopping at her house, but the same goes with Teri's room. I guess we could do the same here at my house. I think Michaels and Joanns has competition. We all 3 scrap, but all of us have a different style. Who would have thought. Teri's home is also very nice  and cozy. Her daughter has the most beautiful eyes and hair and skin color. She has that hawaiin tan that any girl would envy. So well behaved and respectful. Great job Teri, her boy is very much the same. I had met him before.

I hope you all were able to take advantage of all the goodies and sales at Michaels and if not head on over to your nearest one and see if they have any left. I think the sale is still going on.


Friday, January 7, 2011

As Promised

I said in one of my last post that I would be changing things a little this year. I would be scrapping picures. So here are a few layouts I have done since monday January 3rd. I am glad that I will not be doing this and not just having tons of layouts with no photos. I will still be doing layouts paper piecing just for my enjoyment, but I will concentrate more on scrapping my photos. 

 These picture were taken at the Kennel when we picked Roscoe up. Notice he has a Disney button saying First Visit.

 These pictures are of us on the phone with our parents and kids.

 At Animal kingdom we were able to take pictures with all of these characters, plus Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy. Best part with no lines.

 This layout was a class I took about 3 years ago and had never put pictures on them. So this time since my new thing will be to scrap pictures, I thought what better time than to do it now.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

All I can do is try

Hello my blogger friends, I hope you read my last post, if you did you will now what I am talking about on this one. I have finally started to scrapbook my photos. To be honest it has really been hard for me since I love to make layouts for fun paper piecing, but I put myself up for the challenge of scrapping photos. I have done 2 and will share tonight once I upload them to my computer. The next thing is that I made an appointment this Friday at 11am to donate PLATELETS. Funny how things happen. I had posted about wanting to do this on Monday and last night I got a phone call from the blood bank. So I made the appointment. Please keep me in your prayers that I do not get sick. I normally get sick and am noxious during the donation and afterwards. I have to lie down the rest of the day. also the adult day care is next door to the blood bank and I am planning on going there before my appointment and seeing if I can donate my time at least once a week.

I will be posting once I am up and feeling better how it went. I have got to pay it forward and this is how I plan on doing it. Let me know what your plans are this year to pay it forward. By the way if you have not seen this movie, please do so, it is Beautiful.

Monday, January 3, 2011

long time

Well I do not have any new layouts to post but I did want to drop in and say HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all. I hope 2011 is as good or better than 2010. I cannot complain. I have a wonderful husband, great kids and a good dog. The year 2010 for me was really good. I was able to accomplish some things that I wanted to and the ones I did not, not a biggy, will do so in 2011. And if they do not happen then they were not meant to be.
I have several things that I would love to do. I have a fear of old people, don't know why but I do, so this year I will go to an adult day care and volunteer atleast once a month maybe two. Second thing would be to start again donating Platelets. I began doing this 4 years ago and started off donating once a month, than was asked to do it twice a month and did, until last year (I think in May) that I had to stop because I had surgery. But I am good now and want to start this again. Many of you may donate blood but there is such a huge demand for platelets. Platelets are given to cancer patients. The other thing that I would love to accomplish in 2011 is to scrap photos. If you have seen my layouts you know they are all with no pictures. I do have many albums of my husband, my girls, family and even my dog, but this year I will try and concentrate more on putting pictures in my layouts.

Sorry for the long post, but thought it would be fun to tell you all what my plans are for 2011. Tell me what yours are.