Thursday, February 16, 2012

4 things

Good morning,

Here are some things I have been up to. On my last post I spoke about Sebastian. I asked for everyone to please create a card for him. I did not create a card for him, instead a created a banner. Each letter has an animal. I thought this would look cute in his hospital room. Maybe when he is ready to go home the nurses can sign it for him. It is long since his name has 9 letter.

Here it is:

I have also just purchased a gumball machine. I first saw this in Paula's blog. She had bought one on ebay and I loved it. Then Marlene from, bought one while junking as she calls it. She paid only $5.00. When I saw hers I knew I wanted one and I wanted it pink. Well, this last Saturday while going to garage sales, we saw an estate sale. Little did I know that there would be one there for me. My husband called me in the house and showed it to me. They wanted $2.00. I was more than happy to pay them for it. I came home and with a little paint this is what it looks like now. I did not take pictures of it before, but it was red.

I am still debating what to put in it. It does work but I have put a white cardboard cover on the bottom so that whatever I decide to put in it does not go down. What do you think I should put inside? Besides gumballs or any candy. That's what hubby thinks I should put inside. I thought flowers, buttons or acrylic bobbles, since I have so many of them.

I am happy to also say that I have finally won something. I have never won a prize on the internet through a blog or youtube giveaway. I just leave comments, without expecting anything. Well,  Damaris from:, had a giveaway on youtube and I was one of the winners.
Here are the goodies I received.

This tag is gorgeous. She sent it to me with a really nice note. She has really pretty cards she makes almost daily. THANK YOU DAMARIS, for sending me such a nice box of goodies.

And lastly, I have finally broken down (go that from Damaris) and bought a smash book. I remember having these in junior high and high school. I also have one of when my husband and I dated, 9 years before we officially were married. So now that I have one I have been taking pictures of things we do and keeping things of places we go. First place was the movies on Sunday to see The Vow. I will share and post pictures of my pages as I get them together. I will be back to Michael's to buy some more things like the tapes and the date gadget.

Sorry for the long post but I wanted to share what I have been up to lately. I also finished on Sunday the other bib mini, but have not taken pictures of it. Will do that soon.

Hope you all are having a great Thursday.



Sebastian will be one happy little boy when he receives the great banner you made him! Nice!

Love your pink gumball machine! I think anything you put in it will look great.

Wow! Quite a haul on your winnings. I am so HAPPY you got so many goodies. I know you'll make great things with them.

You have me curious...what is a smash book?

Ivy and Elephants

I am in love with that gorgeous banner. I must make one for my Sebastian. I absolutely love animals. In fact his bedroom is a Safari theme. Your pink gumball machine is to die for. I put shells in mine (See here

I just wanted to put anything but candy in it because I know I would devour what ever I put in



2 years ago I gave myself a pink gumball machine for my birthday... and it actually has gumballs in it!! LOL And I never eat them cuz it requires me to add money inside... so it sits as "decor". I wonder if the gumballs are stale!?

Anyway, totally forgot about the Sebastian card. What are the specs?

Love your banner!!

Have fun w/ the goodies.

x0, Damaris

Blessed Serendipity

You busy girl. I love the card you made and your pink gumball machine is so cute! Congrats on your wins too.


Evethmoon Crafty Creations

OMG Ana, let me congratulate you on your win, you deserve it (I'm so happy for you). I want you to know it was a good idea sending the cards for Sebastian to the teacher school, because I saw she updated to say he will be having surgery in March. I made 3 cards for him and I posted them on my blog. Your banner is GORGEOUS and that for sure, is going to cheer him up when he gets it. Ana your gumball machine turned out wonderful, I think the acrylic bobbles will look beautiful and different. Hugs and God bless


What an amazing banner you made for Sebastian! Thank you so much! He is going to love it. His surgery has been postponed, but I am saving everything and his hospital room will be gorgeous! You are the best!


OH MY GOSH, I came to your blog because I had seen a RAK that you sent a lady on youtube and I wanted to know where you got all that beautiful lace from. Then after seeing a few of your post I knew I had to become a follower of your because everything you make is absolutely stunning. I like the pink gumball machine too. I think it would be fun to put charms in it and use it to decide what charms you use on your project by what comes out of your machine. (Hope that part made sense) If you could contact me and let me know where you get your lace, flowers and baubles from I would appreciate it.
www dot needingJesusdaily at hotmail dot com
God Bless

Peggy Sue

awesome banner! It turned out gorgous! the gumball machine turned out so cute too!
nice haul from your win, congrats!


YOu did such a great job with you banner Ana. I'm sure he'll love it so much. it's sooo cute! I also have a gumball machine (still red). I bought it brand new at Ross I think, years ago for like $5.99. I have gumballs on mine, but I think buttons would look good on yours. Congrats on winning the goddies from Damaris. Enjoy!

Sassy Scrapper

Hello my dear I've missed seeing your fabulous creations. I'm sure Sebastian is going to absolutely love it. So sorry I've not been by for a while to visit we just got back from vacation this past Sunday and I'm trying to catch up with all my bloggin buddies.
BIG HUGE Congratulation on your win. OMG I bet you had the best time digging through all that stash and wow a Smash Book awesome.
I love your gumball machine, you always find the most amazing stuff!
Hugs Bonnie


sebastian is going to LOVE that banner. i am just now scanning through your blog and trying to catch up.

nice winnings.....looks like beautiful stuff, you can put to good use.

i was in centrastate hospital in freehold, new jersey. if you have to do it, it is the best!!


Your banner for Sebastian is super cute her is going to LOVE it, what a nice thing to do. Congratulations of your winnings and on finding that bubble gum machine just like mine and ofcourse I love it. It looks gorgeous in your beautiful creative space. Keep on junking, what a deal!

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