Monday, August 27, 2012

Prayer Request.

Good morning all my followers.

Today is not a good day for us here. It has not been a good day since yesterday. When we woke up yesterday our Golden Roscoe could not put his front right paw down on the ground. We immediately took him to the vet. After hours and x-rays they told us he could have 3 things. 1. Arthritis, but doubting because he has not injured that paw, 2. mersa, he has a scab in that area and that could be it, 3. cancer, because the x-ray shows like a bone growing in that area. He was given antibiotics for the next 2 weeks and pain meds. Then we have to take him back for another set of x-rays. If that piece that shows like a bone has grown they will do a biopsy. And then we wait. Our options if the test come back positive for cancer is to amputate the leg and then have chemo. That is not an option for us. We will not put him through all this. He has been through too much since he was born. He has had parvo and survived and then his rabbies shot gave him a huge allergic reaction that he almost dies. So we are not going to put him through more pain.

My husband and I are devastated. He is only 4 years old. Please pray that all the test come back negative and that we can have him with us longer. We got Roscoe when my youngest left to live with her dad to finish her senior year and attend college over their. He has been my partner and companion all day every day. Please just say a prayer for him.

Here is our big boy:

 My husband bought him this pool so that he can play in. He would paddle his paws like he was actually swimming. Maybe he thought he was. LOL.
 Here he is in my craft room.
 At the doggy beach. Loved the water.
 Here I am in his cage. When he saw me get in it, he got in it as well. We barely fit in their. But we seemed to have managed.
Here him and I are playing in my craft room.

Thank you for your prayers.



Oh Ana! He is a beautiful golden! I am sending prayers for the best results. *HUGS*


You know that I'm praying. Roscoe is a strong boy and he'll be better before you know it.


oh ana...he is just too sweet to go so soon. i am not a prayer, but i said one anyway!!

maybe it will help, since i never ask for anything ;)))

i am going home from the hospital tomorrow.

big hugs and warm wishes!!

Blessed Serendipity

I will say a prayer. I hope he will be alright. I can tell that you must really love him. They quickly steal our hearts and become part of the family don't they? ((HUGS))


Creative M

Awwwww!My prayers,love and hugs go out to him,you and your family!

Mercy's Pages

My thoughts and prayers are with you guys. I hope everything turns out well. {{hugs}} Mercy

Evethmoon Crafty Creations

Oh Ana, I'm so sorry to read about Roscoe, I Will pray and ask God to heal him soon and let him be with you a while longer. God is good what ever he decides we will acept. Please stay strong because that big boy needs you a lot right now. Lots of blessing and healing thoughts for Roscoe! Hugs Wanda


Oh Ana you sounded so sad this morning. I'm so sorry you are going through this now. I guess no time is a good time to have a family member sick. I'll keep Roscoe in prayer, you'll it's going to be fine.


Ana please know that I am praying for Roscoe and your family. Our fur-children are such constant companions and love us unconditionally. Special prayers and healing hugs my friend...

Digi Darla

So sorry to hear that! I will add Roscoe to my list. Poor thing! I sincerely hope it was just a fluke and all will be well soon. I had a Golden favorite dog ever. They are precious. Bless you and your hubby, too! XXX ~ Kim (DigiDarla)

Evelyn R Stamperly

Aww so sorry to hear about your family dog. I just lost my Snowby two years ago, I had him for 18 years, and wasn't easy, but you right. I will keep Roscoe in my prayer,he's a beautiful dog.
lot of hug

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