Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Show us your craft space

This is exactly what Cristina at http://www.creationswithchristina.com/, has asked all of her followers and visitors. I had posted pictures before but I will do it again to play along.  Here is my space. well part of it since I cannot get all of the angles in one 2 photos.

Last time Cristina asked to show our desk, my desk was super cleaned up. I felt as if I took a picture of it people would think that I had just cleaned it. But seeing that others also had their spaces just as neat as mine I decided to post my desk. Well it still is clean and neat and believe it or not I had a friend over to scrap all day. But just before she left we had the space all cleaned up again.



HI, It's about time you showed your beautiful and inspiring creative space. Love all tha yummy pinkness.

Maria Elena

Amazing place !!! It's a real paradise... I wish to come and play with all ! xoxoxo
Have a great Tuesday ;)
~Maria Elena~


such a pretty craft space!


I love your scrap space and I loved scrapbooking there. We should get together someday and scrapbook together.

Touch of Tewshay

very soft and pretty scrap room, luv how feminin it looks...you can't help but want to keep it nice and tidy always...I just became a followerer...you can check my space out too...i too luv comments..keep up the great work Ana.


really cute scrap room :)

Pam (AKA CraftyK)

Sooo pretty thanks for sharing! I have a blog award over on my blog for you please hop over and check it out.

Live Love and Scrap

I just had to come over from Christina's blog and tell you how much I LOVE your room...its soooo beautiful!!! I love how you have scrapbook pages and projects hangin up....I have always wanted to do that in my room =)


My Blessed Serendipity Life

I just love your craft space!!! It looks so pretty and girly with all the crisp white bookcases and cute pink chairs and accessories. Now I just want to go clean up my space LOL. Thanks for dropping by my blog. I will sign up to follow you too. Happy creating.



Wait a second. I know you (again)!! [lol] Your craftroom was in a video I saw like 2-3 years ago!! I remember it exactly too. Those beautiful white open shelves were my favorite. WOW. Small world how we end up becoming buddies... hehe.

Gorgeous room.

x0, Damaris


What a beautiful room!!

Cindy@ Scrap-obsessed.blogspot.com

Your room is sooooo pretty.

Jill Norwood

Your space is so beautiful! I love your pink chairs!!! :)Jill

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