Monday, May 11, 2020

Lanai makeover

Hello everyone,

I am back with a new post. I know its been a year since my last post, but honestly I have no excuse for not blogging. Maybe laziness.

I am sharing my lanai at our second home. We have it just about 100% finished. We are on the hunt for a new bar-b-que and cover and for a big plant. Unfortunately I can't plant anything real because they will die since I am only there on the weekends, so it wasn't profitable now to spend the money on real plants.
The transformation all started when we were painting the ceiling, which was a huge problem because the texture started to peel right off as we rolled on  the paint. So we had to scrape down all the texture and paint it. Then we painted the floor. And this is the final result.

Here are some of the pics.

The rocking chairs were from the dumpster at a school job site. My husband was working at the school and they had thrown them out. He sent me pics and of course I had to say yes. Wish he would have brought 4 but 3 is better then none at all. We painted them and added the cushions. All the cushions and pillows were purchased at Walmart. Which by the way, Walmart is really having some nice decorations for your home lately. The table in the middle we brought from the other home as well. Just painted it and added a few accent pieces to dress it up.

The lantern hung on the column is also a Walmart find. They are the brand home and gardens. They look so nice lit up at night. The rug is from Sam's club. And the dining set is from the Home Depot.
The 3 pots on the table, my oldest daughter gifted them to me. She no longer wanted them. I added some fake greenery from Walmart as well.

This bench is also from the other home. We painted it as well. Added the pillows (Walmart) and I think it gave it a lot of life with the pops of color. The angel and pot on the floor are going to be put together again and I will be adding some greenery.

The iron piece on the wall is intended for small candles, but my sister suggested to add cactuses. That was brilliant and I loved the idea, so I bought some cactuses and it looks really nice.

The iron piece on the wall is from Kirklands. I had it hung inside the house. I had recently brought it down and had it in my closet, so out it came. Was the perfect size for that wall.

I added the bee pillow to this rocking chair since it is on the other side. The table I brought from the other home. Gave it a fresh coat of paint and done.

I did plant some succulents since those do not need much water. I do plan on putting them in some prettier pots when I find them.

Thank you all for stopping by my blog. Hope you enjoyed the post and like the transformation. Wish I would have taken before pics.

Hope you all have a wonderful day, stay safe and sane during these hard times. Here in Miami, we are still under strict restrictions. We must all wear a mask inorder to enter any establishment. Beaches are going to reopen and hopefully this time they will obey the orders of having to wear a mask and keeping away 6ft from one another.

What are your states doing to prevent the spread of the Corona-virus?



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