Thursday, February 2, 2012

valentines decorations

Well, I have finally taken pictures of some of the things I have put up around the house for valentine's.

 I bought this canvas last year after the holidays. I went to Joann's and they had them at 80% off. I had to buy it. I knew it would be a great piece to hang from my front door. (I know my plant needs water). Poor  plants.
 Here is the tree I was able to find after Christmas at Michaels. I wanted to get it to put up decorations for all year round holidays. So you will be seeing quite a bit of it. It used to be 39.99 but I bought it for 7.99. I did get 2 of them so that I could put them up in the girls rooms at christmas time.
 The glass ornaments I bought at Micheal's after Christmas. For some reason they were not selling, I guess because they were hearts, but I found them and glad I bought them. I embellished them differently with some of my things in my scrap room. Perfect for valentines. But the best part was the price. They were originally for 3.99 and I got them at 80% off. So that means I bought all 4 boxes (6 in each) for 80 cents a box. Can't beat that. 

 These heart hanging decorations I have had for years now, but never posted since I did not have a blog at the time I made it. I lifted it from Keisha over at  Check out her blog. She does beautiful work.
This one I made of my girls. I have these 2 pieces in my scrap room all year round.

This is all for now. I will be taking pictures of the mini I finished and posting on it.

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Happy Thursday.


~Kim at Golden Pines~

What great decorations, along with your falling hearts on your blog, I'm starting to feel February!! :-)


Wow, This is my first visit to your place and I love it...first I'm a fan of pink and anything pretty and then of course, the golden retriever captured my heart.
The decorations are so lovely!


Your decorations are so pretty. I don't do a lot of decorating, but I did make a valentine tree this year. I still need to add some prettiness to it before I put it on my blog though. Love how your's looks.

Peggy Sue

looks awesome! I love the filled hearts!


don't you just love a bargin?? everything looks great, i think you will have lots of fun decorating that tree for all the different holidays!! i have a year round tree also"!!


WOW Ms. Ana you rally have been creating. I love Valentine too. Great idea with the valentine tree. So cute.

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