Tuesday, May 1, 2012

stick pins and layout

I know I have been a bad blogger lately, but I have not been in the crafting mood. Really. I did some stick pins last week and this layout was started on Friday and now is when I finished it. I have not wanted to finish it at all.

Here are the stick pins I made. I normally do 20 at a time. I am trying to fill up a pillow I bought at a garage sale. But the more I make the more I need to make. LOL. For some reason the pillow is not filling up. I will share the pillow on another post. These acrylic flowers are my latest purchase. The are acrylic but really cute. I knew when I saw them that I would be using them for my stick pin obsession. I made 3 of each but they all have different beads.

And here is the layout. I think these little girls are so cute. It reminded me of when I planted roses with my oldest. My youngest just played in the dirt. If you click on the pictures you will see them better.

Hope you all like the layout and the pins.

Will probably not post again until next week. I have a busy week ahead and a 3 day crop I will be attending this weekend to celebrate National Scrapbooking Day. But this is not a day but 3 days. Can't wait.



So glad to see you. I've been missing you. Your stick pins are so pretty and I adore your cute layout!

Have fun at your crop!


your work is amazing, so much detail!!

you are lucky to have people to scrap with and crops to attend. there is nothing in this area!!

Evelyn R Stamperly

Omgosh, speechless. Those stick pins came out Kudos, and your layouts I love how you turn it to a 3D effect. Do you do ustream classes?
Oh BTW I did join your blog awhile ago Now I need to add you where I could see your blog on my blog page.

Creative M

OMG!The green Pins are my fav!Adorable layout!

~Kim at Golden Pines~

I love stick pins, period, so I think the ones you've made are just lovely! The layout is really nice and so creative--I have to say it reminds me a little of 'Holly Hobbie,' which I just adore! :-)


Love the stick pin. I couldn't pick a favorite color because I love them all. Talk to ya soon.

Peggy Sue

Loving the pins, totally cute! the layout is awesome! love the dirt and all the detail!

Evethmoon Crafty Creations

Ana, I just have to comment on your layout first. because it is one of the most beautiful and gorgeous layouts I have ever seen. Those darling little precious babies doing planting, reminded me of my own garden years ago where I had 14 rosebushes and some other small flowers. I love that you always make them colorful but in dreamy soft colors and the flowers coming out of the pots are so pretty. Now your stick pins are fabulous I love them all but my fave is on the third pic the last one looks just like an angel(so cute). don't worry about not blogging, sometimes we all need a short break but I always look foward to your posts. Hugs and God bless!

Blessed Serendipity

Love your pretty stickpins, especially the butterflies. Cute scrapbook page too.



Hi Ana...such a cute layout and fond memories of you with your little girls planting roses. Love the stick pins with the flowers. I completely know the feeling of not being in the mood to be creative. Your 3 day scrap will definitely give you renewed motivation. Enjoy and play with fun supplies...

Sassy Scrapper

OMG I've missed so much. Look at all those gorgeous stick pins. I love the one's you made with the Michael's butterflies. I've been meaning to make some myself. Just way too busy at the moment. Your lo is simply adorable. Thank you for being such a wonderful supportive friend and alway visiting my blog!
Hugs Bonnie


Hi Ana!!! your layouts are so adorable!!! They remind me of precious moments. Your pins are gorgeous! Hope you have a nice day!

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