Monday, May 13, 2013

The HEAT is ON

Well I don't mean the sun. I am not even talking about the weather. I am talking about the Miami Heat Basketball Team. They are on fire again. I think they may have this year won again. Atleast I hope so.

Because of this man, this team is smoking hot.

Lebron James seems to continue to amaze me with his physical ability. He gets better and better every time he comes out to play.

GO HEAT. Sorry Chicago Bulls, but you don't have a chance. We will hopefully be able to shut the Bulls up on wednesday night here in Miami and then have time to rest and practice for the next team.

Hope you all are having a wonderful monday and I will be back with some more layouts I have been adding pictures to.



Hello Ana...No, I didn't think you would be cheering for heat of the sun. Your layouts are wonderful. I adore seeing them and seeing you are creating. Happy Hearts are Creative Hearts...


Yay for the heat, My hubby is not much into watching games but, we do once in a while. Did we win. Loving your latest layouts, they are so cute.

~Kim at Golden Pines~

Hi Ana! Just going through my blog-list this morning and saw yours--Thought I'd drop by and let you know you're being thought of! Hope all is well in your corner of the world! Take care, and enjoy your weekend!

~Kim at Golden Pines~

Hey Ana! I just got your comment on my blog and you mentioned about your boy Roscoe having problems during storms--We have had some of our dogs get nervous during them too. You can try giving him a benedryl which will make him sleepy and help to relax him. I've given it many times and it's very safe to use. The dose is 1 milligram for every pound of their weight. But I always start with a low dose, so I would start with one, and if you think he needs more, give him another or a half--But depending on his weight, you may be able to give him 3 if he really needs it. It should last about 6-8 hours, and at the end of that if needed you can give him another, but I don't give more than 3 in a 24 hour period. But if storms are coming, you can give it to him beforehand as well which will have him already 'relaxed' by the time the storm comes--It has worked really well for our dogs and I hope that maybe it will work for Roscoe too!! Let me know if you have any questions!! Take care, it was good to hear from you!!

~Kim at Golden Pines~

Also, you can put a tee-shirt on him too--A snug fitting t-shirt can help them to feel secure--You can cut the back of the shirt and 'tie' it tightly if needed. I've tried this too and had moderate success with it. Good luck, and take care!!

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