Wednesday, July 10, 2013

My latest Tattoo

Yes, I got another one.

I had been wanting to get another tattoo, but my husband is not for them at all. I am not a freak nor do I like to have them all over, but don't mind a couple of them as long as they are not too visible. So his daughter asked him to go with her to have hers done, so we did. I was so excited, I said to myself for sure I will make an appointment for mine right there and then. Well the guy had a spot and was able to do mine as well. you may wonder, why a spider web. Well I was married on Halloween and knew that I wanted something that represented that holiday and also knew I wanted it behind my neck. My hair is long and most of the time it will be covered anyhow. I am still going to go back and put the year on it that we were married. I could not remember the year for the life of me. I know, bad, but it is the truth. My husband and I had been together for so long before we were married that I could not remember. I knew it was either 2008 or 2009 but could not remember. It was 2008 that we were married.

Here is the rough draft.

 Here I am on the chair going through pain. Yes it is painful. You feel like a burning pain. After all they are tearing your skin and inking it.
 AS you can see in this picture, the blood on the spider webs and the redness of the burning.

This is the finished tattoo. You can see the bruising between the 2 spider webs. He incorporated oranges and purples. When I go back he will be connecting the spider to the web and adding the date to the heart.

Please don't judge and just move on if you can't leave a nice comment.



You are a brave girl, Ana! :)


Hi Ms. Ana, I'm all for what makes people happy. I think if you love something and it makes you happy, go for it. Enjoy your tattoo. Don't feel bad, one year I forgot my wedding anniversary, but the funny thing is that we got married on my birthday, that's bad.


Hi Ana: Your tattoo is beautiful. The fact that it has such a special meaning to you is all that is important. I am too much of a baby to get a tattoo because of the pain. I would have a butterfly. Instead of on my skin I had them hand painted on my car. I admire your being so brave. Blessings Dear...

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