Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

Hello everyone.

I have been having a pretty good weekend. My husband and I have been shopping for halloween witches and anything else we find to decorate. We were married on Halloween and this year we plan to decorate. I decorated last year the table with a nice setting. On the plates we put skeleton heads which he cut open and we put small skeleton heads in it and then we painted blood on them. We also put roaches which I found a the dollar store and mosquitos. Everything looked so real. So this year we will do more. We have been on a serious shopping spree. Can't wait to go tomorrow to buy some more things. I am looking for garghoils. I hope that is how you spell it.

Today has been a really fun day for me. My husband and I started a new halloween frame. I have finally finished my part which was glueing everything down, glazing and stickling, now he will do his which is to put the frame on. I am excited that it is finished.

Here is a new layout I finished this past week. I drew the witch and pieced it together. I put fiber in black, red and white to make her hair. Paper piecing is my all time favorite thing to do when I scrapbook. It is my all time favorite when scrapbooking.
Will be back tomorrow with a new layout I have been wanting to start.


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