Friday, June 10, 2011

another haul

Well this morning, a friend from youtube came over and we decided to go shopping. We went to the bead place again and also to a warehouse I found online that sells flowers. The flowers are beautiful. We bought almost every pack we liked and the best thing about it was that we split it in half. We bought so many different flowers and still want to go back and buy the remaining ones that we did not buy today.

Here are some pictures of the goodies.

These are flowers. They are beautiful. I will have better pictures of them in a later post. But look at all the ones we purchased.

Here is Marlene from, with all the goodies. She is thinking  hurry up and lets open them. LOL. 

Close up of all the flowers.
Here are some of the beads that I bought blue. clear the white ones with the string and some yellow ones.

Here are some more. My new ones are the ones in the second row the second and third slot and on the first row the last ones that are black with beige and white.
Here is the close up of the marbled ones.
Close up of the black ones.

These are some glass ones that I bought today.

These are also some packs I bought. They are huge and .80 cents a pack. Also the tool for beads and the corsage pins. Anything you buy is .80 cents. 



OMG girl, what a great day we had. I just finished putting all the flowers away and I can't wait to play. Thanks so much for taking me and for all the other goodies. Still have a little room left LOL.


Can I get the email address for the one store and also see if the bead shop has online shopping. You get the best stuff. All the cool stores must be on the west coast. Nothing fun in Florida.

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