Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Cristina from, had a post today that I thought was really fun. But since I am a neat freak I thought if I post a picture of my room everyone that saw it would think I had just picked it up before I took a shot of it. NOPE, i did not. I always have my desk cleaned up, unless I am working on something at the time and still I clean up constantly. It is a battle that I am still trying to win. I am OCD and I tell you it is not easy dealing with this. LOL.

Here is my desk:

This is a layout I am working on today.



Come to my house PLEASE!!!!! I am a neat freak want to be. I just can't stay there. I LOVE your work space. TFS.


LOL, I'm the same way. I always clean my desk when I'm done. I can't work with mess either.
Have a great day.


See now look at that. I see a 2nd chair at your desk just for me :) Love your space. Hugs, Christina

Mercy's Pages

I can totally vouch for you. You are a SUPER neat person. I thought about doing this as well but I just have bills to pay on my desk. Pretty boring stuff. Bueno, talk to you soon, Mercy

the purple muse

Okay Anna... you're waaayyyy too neat;-) Can you come clean my room:-)



Yes my dear I can vouvh for you to, that's why your room is so gorgeous.


would love for you to come over my house and help me get my room like yours I love it love dana beltre

grammy deed

OMG I love those pink chairs-where in the world did you get them??
my email is guy1065ataoldotcom
Would love a note and just started following your blog.

Sunshine HoneyBee

Like your workspace & layout. Looks like a store studio so neat & pretty.
"Sunshine HoneyBee"


I could learn from your neatness. Love you creative space. Fun, soothing and happy colors. I would love getting artsy here too.
Thanks for your sweet comment on my shoes.

Maria Elena

I'm your newest follower.... I dont want to miss anything !
~Maria Elena~

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