Saturday, November 19, 2011

Tree mini

I can't believe I have finally finished the tree mini album I started about 3 weeks ago. I thought I would have loved making it and instead got fed up with it. I was bored of how little things I had for Thanksgiving. See, I am not  into celebrating Thanksgiving. I love Halloween and Christmas, Thanksgiving not so much. I find it to be a boring holiday. Sorry to you all that are fans of it. I prefer skipping this day all together.

OK, back to the album. In 2008, which is the year my husband and I were married, we decided to have a Thanksgiving dinner at our house. I had just moved in (we were together for 10 years before we moved in together), my brother from California was visiting and my father was coming over to meet my husband for the first time. Yes, I know after 10 years together Dad finally meets the husband. So, I decided to make this mini and incorporate pictures. Yes, you read correctly. I added photos to a project of mine. I am known to make layouts and albums and not put pictures on them or in them.

Here is the mini. I really like the way it came out. I was inspired by Marlene from I loved this album from the moment I saw it. Tonight I decided to complete it. I took out the pictures from that day and chose my favorites.

 For the front cover I used a picture of my husband and my dog Roscoe.
 Here is my Mom and Dad. And the right page has my 2 girls.
 Here is my oldest sister serving everyone. The other page has my nieces and nephew.
 The left page is of my 2 brothers and my 2 sisters. The other page is the table setting.
 On the left side I decided to only add pictures of my oldest brother. Since we do not see him often, he lives in California, I wanted a page of just him. The other page is my Dad and my sister Nikki.  
This last picture is my oldest sister with her dog in the back ground. She was such a great help. She did all the dishes with my oldest daughter. She is a wonderful sister. Not because she did the dishes but because she just is.



This is adorable! Love seeing all of the pictures!


wow!! i love it!! i still haven't finished my hershey mini, i need to get busy on that. this time of year is soooo busy with other things, i don't usually have time to scrap.

to answer the question about my ornament tree, i purchased it from a catalog, at least 15 years ago, maybe casual living. i leave it out all year long and have ornaments for each holiday and season. in the summer, i do red, white and blue, patriotic.

if you look on my blog, the last tab up top is "the tree". you can see more about it there. xo

Peggy Sue

love the album! I am with you, not a fan of turkey day. It is boring! All day cooking and you eat in 5 minutes! So, I put up the tree today! ok, your village is kickin-totally gorgeous! All your decoratations are awesome and had I been at that garage sale I would have fought you for the those decorations or outbid you! haha The frames are great too,what a great deal! I need to go shopping with you!


Hi Ms. Ana, so happy that you finished it. I love it, you did a beautiful job. I love to see the minis with pictures in the. My fav page is the one with your dad.


This mini came out great, and again, I'm always amazed by all the pictures you can fit into your minis!

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