Sunday, November 13, 2011

90% done

Ok, so we are almost at the end of the journey with the village. We have about 10% more to do, but we ran out of material. So I am off today to Walmart to buy some pins to put up the fence and then to the Christmas Palace to buy some icicles. My home is finally picked up. There is still alot of glitter everywhere, but that will be until we bring it down.

Here is what is done so far.

 Here I decided to put the wedding Chapel. The couple is inside the gazebo. I still need to hang some wedding bells from the candy canes. I just haven't decided which  ones, clear or silver.

 If you click on this picture, you will notice an elf coming out of the little tunnel.
 This is the elflementary school in red. The accessory is a sled school bus with the kids inside.
This is Mickey land. You can see Mickey and Minnie on the swing ride. It also has Donald and Goofy. Did you see the ticket booth at the entrance. I tried to make it the theme park. LOL.

Ok, I will be back as soon as it is 100% done.



This is just so wonderful and magical!


Every detail is so intricate and has a story and I love it all. The magic really happens when you turn on the lights at night. Oh to live in this wonderful magical small world...


what a delight!! you should do an "open house" or christmas house tour. it would be wonderful to share this with others!!

you have created a magical work of art!!


I think the open house is a great idea to share all this beautiful goodness. This is so gorgeous, so much details. I love how it looks when the lights go on. This is truly a work of art. Can't wait to see in person.

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