Monday, November 14, 2011

New item

Hello everyone. I posted yesterday that I would be done 100% with the village, but I did not go to Walmart for the pins. This morning my husband went and they did not have them. So when he gets home we plan on going to get them at a different place. Once we find them we will put up the fence and then it will be finished. I will then begin with the rest of the home decor. I have 6 trees to put up including the main one and then some other decorations I put here and there.

Here is the frame I bought last year at Kirkland's. I wanted this frame from the moment I saw it. I did not want to pay 79.99 for it so I decided I would wait till after Christmas for them to be at 50% off. I called and asked if they would bring them down some more and they said yes after the new years to 75% off.  So on the 1st I went with hubby and bought 3 of them. Two of them are Santa Clauses and the other one is a Nativity scene. I could not decide on which one to take so hubby said take them both since they were so cheap. I purchased all 3 for the price of one. Don't you just love these bargains? I guess my patience paid off.

Here is one of them.

Isn't he the prettiest Santa you have ever seen. I will be posting the others as I hang them up.

Have a great Monday. I know I am. I am not doing anything today. I am just sitting back and being lazy.



He's wonderful!!!!!


Santa is just as jolly and magical as I imagine. Beautifully framed and hanging in a perfect spot. Happy Holidays are near...


WOW, If missed a few post. You sure are fast. I love him against the red wall, he's beautiful.

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