Friday, July 6, 2012


Just wanted to do a short post letting you all know that I am still alive. I will be back, but for now I have other things I am working on and take priority over blogging. I am working on many layouts, for a lady I scrap for. I am also working on some more kits, can't seem to stop cutting with my machine. I am sure it wants a rest, but not for now.
I have also been spring cleaning, I know I am late, but taking down curtains, washing them, vaccuming the blinds and cleaning the windows. I clean the windows weekly but the blinds,not really. I hate cleaning those. So this week on wednesday I attacked them and now going around the house cleaning the rest. The ones in my scrap room and the master bedroom are the worst ones. The scrap room ones I have to take the desk area out, clean behind there and then clean the windows. I am also taking down the curtains, washing them and then I have to iron them. Thankfully, my oldest will be coming over today and helping out.

Will be back soon.

Here is a layout I did for the cruise.

Here is what I have to sell at the scrapbooking garage sale.

 This bin shows how much paper I will be selling. And the sad thing is that I still have another stack as big or bigger put away, plus my cardstock.

Here are the 2 bins full to the top. I did sell alittle over 200 at one garage sale and still the bins are full. I also have my baby cricut and the bag with 10 matts to sell. If anyone is interested in something, just leave me a comment and I will take pictures of what it is that you would like.



So glad to get this update from you. I've been wondering if all was ok. What a busy lady! Wanna come and clean my house and then scrap when you're done? ;) You've got tons of goodies for the garage sale and I'm sure people will be go crazy over it all! Good luck, Ana.


I admire all the deep cleaning you are doing. You wash your windows weekly?!! I admit I am not the housekeeper extraordinaire that you are my dear. Happy selling so you have room for more goodies. Thinking of you...


Welcome back :)

Looking forward more pictures and posts...


So glad your doughter is helping you so that you can get back to the important things, like scrapping LOL. Can't believe you have so much left, OMG. But I'm sure you'll find good homes for all that goodness.

~Kim at Golden Pines~

Summer is a busy time and there's so many things to do--THANKS for stopping by my blog, because I always enjoy hearing from you! I do hope your weekend is ending on a good note, whatever the temperature is! :-)

Evethmoon Crafty Creations

OMG Ana, I can't believe how much goodies you have to sell. I know things and stuff accumulates over time, I know people are going to have fun, rummaging through all your stuff. I live to far away or I would be first in line. Lots of luck and Hugs!


beautiful are sooo organized!!

Susan in Devon

Lovely layouts and wish I was as organised. Wish I lived closer to get some of your crafty bargains. What Cricut machine do u use?

michelle montanaro

Hi Ana,
We met at the garage sale in June. I sat next to you. I had a great time getting to know you and your daughter. Will you be at Artsy Adventure? I will be there! Hopefully we can get together at another event. I love your blog and your craft room is awesome! Stay in touch


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