Thursday, March 21, 2013

Happy Birthday to ME (46)

Well it is a good day today. Forty-six years ago today my mother (RIP) gave birth to me. I am very happy because I will be going to breakfast with my dad and my oldest daughter, but also a sad day that my mom will not be calling to wish me a Happy Birthday and not be joining us. I am sure she will be with spiritually.

But the reason for the post is to show you the wonderful gifts I have received from 3 amazing ladies.

First up there is Sherry, her blog is She made this beautiful tiny little salt and pepper shaker for me. It is filled with glitter and then she made these super cute stick pins for me. What a cute idea.

Then there is Wallie's gifts. She gave me this beautiful box for me to alter and 10 strands of beads to make more stick pins. You only see 5 strands because I have already started making stick pins with the other beads.

And then there is Evelyn's gift. She made me this amazingly beautiful tag, plus this sign for my candy station in my room. The pictures do it no justice. It is gorgeous. She even added some candy ornaments from Michaels when they had the Christmas stuff out. She does amazing work. The sign looks like it belongs in a real candy shop.

So there it is. These are some of the amazing gifts I have received from some amazing women. Thank you all so much for the gifts. I will treasure them forever.

Hope everyone has a great day.


Blessed Serendipity

Happy birthday to you! You received some pretty things for your birthday. Hope you enjoyed your special day.

xo Danielle


Happy Birthday Ana! I hope you celebrate you and how special you are all year long. Blessings my friend...


Hi Ms. Ana HAPPY BIRTH DAY, YAY. For sure your mom is with ya. Hope you had a great time with your dad and your doughter. Loving all the goodies the girls made youan't wait to see the sign up, it's going to look perfect.

joanne fox

Happy birthday for yesterday. Hope you had a lovely day. x


Happy Birthday, Dear Ana! I hope you had a wonderful time and I just know your Mom was smiling down on you.

LOVE that candy shop sign.

Jill Norwood

Ana - You share a birthday with my youngest sister Diana! I am so sorry for the loss of your dear Mother....I know how hard it is. I have hung the beautiful angel tassel above my desk in my craft room and thought of you this morning and decided to come and visit your blog. I hope all is well. I am busy getting my son ready for school starting on Wednesday!

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