Friday, January 28, 2011

Sisters layout

Hello bloggers,
I wanted to show you my latest layout. Yes I plan on this time putting pictures, even though it looks so pretty jwithout them.  I did make the little girls with the color hair my girls have. I have a blondie and a burnette. This layout has lots of details in it. I drew and paper pieced each little girl. I used flowers (roses) and green pearls for the head piece on the blonde girl. I used for the first time seeds for the head piece on the other girl. The seeds are different color purples, blues and pinks. I used ribbon on the shoes to make the pair seem like ballet slippers. I also used lace on the dresses. I really enjoyed putting this layout together. I started it last night and finished this morning. I just got around to taking pictures of it and to post them.

Here are the pictures of the layout. Please leave a comment telling me what you think. Thanks.



hehehehe how cute!!! You can always put a picture of me and you too, ha!!!!

Vintage Linen Treasures

I have NEVER seen such a beautiful scrap booking page!! This is a work of art!
Patricia :o)


this layout is so beautiful. I love the 2 little girls (a blond and a brunnette). Reminds me of my 2 little ones. A definite- Must have layout!!!

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