Thursday, March 31, 2011

layout with picture

Can you believe that I made a layout and incorporated a picture? I am amazed at myself. LOL. I never ever scrap photos anymore. I just can't find a photo cute enough for the layouts I create. I did scrap this photo of my husband and I at the fair. In my previous post I wrote about going. I was so happy that I did not get sick on the ferris wheel, of course who would with it going around 3 times only. What a rip off, but atleast I was able to experience it and I loved everything we did. We first rode the ferris wheel, then ate, then we went and saw the animals and then saw the projects the kids made. We ate some more and then saw the circus.  It was not the best but what the heck was a great day and I loved everything. The animals they had were gorgeous, the rabbits were to die for especially the ones with the long floppy ears. The chickens were so pretty and so were the cows. Their coats were really shiny and nice. They also had an area where kids made gardens and the plants were really pretty.

Here is the page I made. Hope you like it. I cut the ferris wheel with my cricut using the summer vacations cartridge. I first glued down the map of the fair. Then I glued the ferris wheel and then the picture. It literally took me longer to cut the image then to put the page together. I made a journaling tag to write my experience. The letters are chipboard and so are the numbers. I tried to hide the numbers with the fiber on the tag, this way it doesn't stare at me and reminds me of my age.

I will be back with another layout I started yesterday and am almost finished with it.


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