Friday, October 7, 2011

Yay for Halloween

Well guys, its almost here, HALLOWEEN. I love this holiday but not only because its Halloween,but because it is also my anniversary. Yes, I know what you are all thinking. How could I have gotten married on that day? Well, I love the holiday, so to be different, or just me I, well we, decided to just do it that day.

I wanted to share with you all my decorations around my home.  I have put it off , but now I can reveal my decorations. Hope you guys enjoy it and I can inspire you to decorate your homes.

The top 6 photos are in my living room.

 I bought this rat and the roaches at the Dollar store. When I saw the rat I immediately knew I wanted to place him up on top of the wood trim. My husband drilled a really tiny hole through the rats foot and the wood trim and then put a small nail to hold it up there. Love the way it came out.

These pictures are of my dining room. I usually put a place setting with gooey things on the table, but this year I decided to change things up. The cake dish has 2 skulls that my husband cut off the tops and I put smaller skulls in the head and added some flies, roaches and painted them in red.

 This is in my kitchen. Most of my witches are from either, TJ Maxx, Marshalls or Home Goods. Every year I buy 2 or 3 or as many as I find that I like.

 The top 2 pictures are in the guest bathroom. I sewed the curtain using napkins. My sister worked at a party place and they were throwing away the samples and she thought I could use them. I used the ones that are halloween colors and the rest I have to make flowers with.
Here is what I did on my husbands office. 

 The top 9 pictures are my family room.
 This is the only thing I put in my bedroom. A small witch boot tree with some ornaments hanging from it.

This is the scraproom. Here I added a small feather tree with some ornaments and a pumpkin doll on top of my boxes. 

Hope you all enjoy the decorations and I have inspired you to take out yours and do the same. 


Peggy Sue

oh wow, great decorations! Can I have your scrap room?? lol


WOW Ms. Anna I agree it's so nice to change things around and get in the spirit of the seasons. I'm sure you and hubby are going to have a great Halloweeen celebrating your anniversary.
For sure you have inspired all those ladies in blog land that like halloween, enjoy.


Hi Ana...A Very Happy Anniversary and Halloween. Your home is lovely and your decorations are very spirited. Lots of fun to enjoy...


Oh my my! So much to look at here. It is easy to see how much fun you had putting this together because it is so delightful to tour through. The witch collection is amazing, really. I saw some great witches this year at TJ Maxx as well. Wish we had a Marshall's. I was so inspired by the cobwebs over the wall art and the foyer vignette especially. You are my idol when it comes to Halloween decor. Your whimsical light hearted style here is what makes it fun and not creepy. Yay you.

My Blessed Serendipity Life

What a collection you have! I have a few pieces that I put out this time of year. I love that owl that is perched on a stack of books especially.



I just found your blog through My Blessed Serendipity Life. I love all of your decorations! Everything is spectacular!

Your newest follower...Jill

june lanum

your house is gorgeous, even without halloween decorations. I joined the swaps at more paper than shoes, they have several going on right now.. I also joined a pin swap, atc card swap and the stocking swap. Love to do them. There is only so much you can do with the things you create and I find swapping is one of the best.....

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