Thursday, March 29, 2012

30 cents

Can you believe I bought all these goodies for 30 cents each. I watched a couple of videos this weekend and saw that some of the items were 30cents. I could not believe the deals people were getting. So I went to my local Michaels stores and this is what I found.

 The doillies are probably my favorite find. I have been looking for them in garage sales and only found 4 tiny ones at one for 25 cents each. These were 30 cents, 6 colors and I bought 2 of each. The frames were also a great find. I could never find any and if I did they were always broken, well not these. I bought 11 colors, but only one of each.

I have alot of plans with those clothes pins. I am going to wrap my laces around them and then put a pin through it to hold them in place. I am looking for a large glass clear bowl to put them in. I saw how Marlene from stores hers and they looked not only neat and pretty but functional. So this is my next tackle in my room. I am tackling lots of things but for some reason I never finish in here. I guess it is because I keep buying and hoarding stuff. LOL. But like my husband says, as long as it makes you happy, I'm happy and that is all that matters.

Hope you all have a great Thursday.



Great finds girl! I haven't been buying much lately, but these were an awesome deal. Good luck organizing all your laces!


Good thing I don't have a Michaels nearby. I would have made a hoarding fool of myself at 30 cents per item. You really got some fabulous goodies. I look forward to seeing your clothspins with the lace and pin displayed in your big glass bowl. Happy creating dear...

Evethmoon Crafty Creations

Oh Ana, those were wonderful deals, I was at Michaels this past weekend, looking for stamps for a card swap we are having over at follow the paper trail with Laura. I found a ton for one dollar each, but I didn't know about the 30 cent deal until I got home and looked over the reciept and discovered I had been charged 30 cents for a few of the flowers I bought. I like the stamps and the little birdies you bought.I posted a project I had been working on. come check it out. Hugs and god bless


You are the best shopper. We have got to get together so you can teach me how to get deals like you.


don't you just love a bargin?!?!

i just took pictures of the tree, they are loading. stay tuned!!

Sassy Scrapper

Ooh look at all those goodies. Totally yummy. I got some of them but not for .30, lucky you such a great haul!!!!
I'll keep an eye out for doilies for you. Garage sale season is starting here so I'll be on the hunt I too love them.
Hugs Bonnie


Love all your goodies Ms. Ana. I picked up some things too for that priced, it was great. I got some of my glass jars at Pier One. I got mine at reg. price but I have seen them on sale. I just love how my laces look in the jar and you will too.

Peggy Sue

Ohhh you did great! Didn't know the sparkle farkle bling was on sale, I totally need to find a michaels up here!

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