Wednesday, December 5, 2018

New Hutch

Hello everyone.

 I wanted to share my new hutch. If you know me, you know that I love love love milk glass. I started collecting years ago and have loved it since. I would put them in my scrap room with my buttons, beads, ribbons and anything else that looked pretty in them.
When we purchased the new home I continued collecting, I could not pass up on the great deals at the thrift stores in the area. So when my husband realized that I was running out of space, he said you are going to need a hutch.
That was all he had to say for me to start looking for one. I first looked in the furniture store we purchased our dining room, but nothing. At least nothing that caught my eye. So I went onto the next best thing (actually the best thing) offer up, craigslist and facebook market place. I wanted one that I could paint the color of the legs and chairs of my dining room set.
 I saw this hutch and thought it had potential and best part was that it was only $50.00 dollars. I contacted the seller, but no answer for 2 days. Finally they got back to me and the following day I went to see it. I knew right then and there that I would be buying it. So I asked a friend to come with me since my husband was in the other home working. He would not be up until the weekend and I could not wait because the deal was so good that someone would snatch it from me. So that night I went and when I got there the owner was not home. They were out to dinner. But I did not give up. I waited until they got home. I will tell you the house was pretty scary looking. They were renovating it and it looked really bad. But I over looked all the dirt and smell. I immediately said yes and another friend came in her van to pick it up and drop it off at my house.
That night I sprayed it with lysol all over.

Scary looking, but I knew it would look great after painting it.

What do you think? Would you have purchased it?

So on Friday afternoon when my husband got to the house, he was surprised with this hutch. He did like it and immediately said, lets clean it up. I sprayed it with awesome from the Dollar tree all over and hosed it down. Most of the yellow varnish did come off. I did not think Awesome was that powerful. I was like, great. Less sanding to give it. We let it dry really well and on Saturday morning we went to the Home Depot and purchased the paint. I purchased a pale cream color almost the same as the color of the dining legs and chairs. We got to the house and began to lightly sand it down. The more we sanded it down the less I wanted to paint it but I did not want to say anything after buying the paint and I really wanted the smell it had of old furniture to go away. I knew the paint would take it away. So I kept quiet. But then my husband says I think we should leave it the color it has. I was like but what about the paint? He said you will find something else to paint with it. You never let paint go to waste. You are always inventing something. I was like YES. He said why don't we put some Old English oil on it. I had some in a dark color and the regular one. When I put the oil on it, it looked so pretty I could not agree more with my husband.

Here it is in the house after 1 coat of Old English.

I pulled out my dished that were gifted to me by my dear friend Carol. Thank you Carol for the beautiful dishes. Although I love the dishes and being able to display them, I knew I would also want to display my milk glass. Especially all the new pieces I had purchased.

So here it is with the milk glass.

And now here it is decorated for Christmas.

I really love the way it looks with the milk glass and now with the Christmas decorations.

 The gentleman that sold it to me said it was his moms. She had it before he was even born and he was about 75 years old. I think I got a great deal and am so happy with the outcome.

Sorry for the long post, but I had to tell the story of my new/old Hutch.


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