Saturday, March 31, 2012

captured fairy

Happy Saturday everyone.

I hope you all are having a great weekend. The day is yucky here in Miami. These weather people can't predict the weather. I think 5 year olds would do a better job. They said great day for the beach and boating. Sure. The weather is horrible with lots of rain and muggy. We do need the rain though. The lawns are ugly and brown and they needed this rain. Ok, I am rambling.

What I am posting about is the captured fairy I made. I had seen many youtube videos last year where people were making these captured fairies in a bottle. I had the bottle but never got around to it. So last week after making the bird houses I decided to make one. She is really cute. Reminds me though of Peter Pan.

Well here she is. I have not named her yet. Any suggestions will help. She was captured on March 28th. I still have to add a chain with a tag and her captured date and of course some fairy charms.

 I took the mason jar and added some rub ons on the bottom. The inside back part also has some rub ons.
 Close up of her. She is purple and green.
 I added some moss and then sat her in it gluing her down. Then I added some pearls, flowers and some flowered sprays.
 This is the top. I added a beaded trim in purple. Then a doillie and then some flowers and more pearls. To top it off I added a stick pin.
Here is a close up of the purple beaded trim.

Hope you like my fairy. I plan on making another one, but I have so many projects started right now that  the other one will have to wait. I am organizing my laces with the clothes pins I bought at Michaels. Once they are all done I will do a post.

Have a wonderful weekend.



wow ana, another beautiful craft project completed. it's so beautiful!!

it rained here today also. i do love a rainy day on occasion to stay inside and get inside, crafty things done!!


That is just beautiful! I LOVE it! You are so talented.

It was supposed to be sunny and in the 70's here today. Not even close.


I love this. You are going to have to do a tutorial on how you did it. Is the fairy cut from a paper? I can't figure that out. It is really adorable.

Sassy Scrapper

Hi ya sweetie!!! OMG I totally love this and have to admit I've never seen one made. But I'll be sure to make one. I LOVE LOVE LOVE fairies. I have fairy houses that my grand kids
made me in my garden and I just love em'. But this is really so stinking cute!
My suggestion for a name is Fialka which means violet.
Sorry to hear about your soggy muggy day. It's damp and chilly here in Massachusetts.
Hugs Bonnie

Ivy and Elephants

These are the cutiest things ever! I love anything to do with fairies and such and this is the sweetest. The bird house is also adorabe and just right for spring. I'm going to file this in my to do box.
Thanks so much for sharing and inspiring!
Big hugs,

~Kim at Golden Pines~

I really LOVE this too!!! I have a friend who would love this as a gift, but I have to admit I'd keep it and the fairy for myself!!!


Loving your capture fairy, she is adorable and the flowers on to are gorgeous. I know you like purple and that trim is perfect. I also captured some fairies about 2 years ago, but I gave them all away. Keep this one!


What a charming fairy!!! She looks like a "Bella" to me:) Seems I just found your blog and it's lovely:) I will visit more:) Thanks for following me on mine! I really do appreciate it! Have yourself a super week!

Peggy Sue

That is soo beautiful!!!


Your little captured fairy is magical. Love how you have decorated her space with lots of moss and flowers. Blissful Fairy...

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