Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Another layout & furniture

Here is the layout I just finished this afternoon. It is of easter with a boy and a girl.

 This is the boy side.
 Here is the girl. I glued a bow to her pony tail and also glued lace to her basket.
 This is egg is made with scraps of mine weaved. I fastened it to the layout with a brad so that you can move it and there is a matt underneath for journaling or another picture.
 This is a close up of the tiny eggs hidden in the grass. The grass is cut with the Martha Stewarts scrissors.
 This is the layout side by side.

 Here is the piece of furniture. It has the same detail on top like the others that are in my room.
The furniture fits 70 cartridges. I still have 7 more slots to fill. I do have 21 of the solution cartridges but they are organized in a pink basket. I just have to buy the boxes for them.



Ok, I must say that your Easter layout is adorable!!!

About the furniture: How awesome!, but what are you going to do when you buy more than the 7 cartridges you need to fill the shelf? Yay! trip to IKEA!!!!

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