Monday, February 14, 2011

Bunny Layout

well, I hope everyone is having a wonderful VALENTINE'S Day. I just got back from a little shopping spree. Not to bad. Placed an order at Joanns for some albums and also purchased some things I needed and wanted. I also went to Target and purchased things I wanted (not needed) and then headed on over to and Michael's and again purchased some things I wanted (not needed). LOL.

OK. Back to the real reason for my post. I wanted you all to see the new layout I just finished. I started it last week and for some reason was not happy with the way it was looking, but finally I finished it. Of course I started a new one this morning. Crazy, I know. But I can't stop creating layouts. I know I said that my New Years resolution was to scrap pictures but I just am not inspired to. I am keeping up with Donating Platelets every two weeks. I have so far donated 3 times since the beginning of the year and this friday I have another appointment. I was really happy to know that with the amount of Platelets I have that I am saving 3 childrens lives. I am really happy about that. Yes, I do get sick afterwards and have to be in bed the rest of the day nauseated and fatigue and the room is spinning, but that is OK, because it eventually goes away, but these sick children may never have their disease go away. So I will sacrifice every two weeks one day. I encourage all of you that have the ability to donate to do so. It is a wonderful feeling to know that you are saving lives.

OK, here are the pictures of the layout. I hope you all like it and please leave a comment of what you think.

 This is the full 2 page layout.
 This is an oval shape stencil I have that I decided to use to make the egg. The egg has lace glued around the top part of it.   I put a window and used another piece of lace to make it seem like a curtain. The door handle is a small button.

The bunny was drawn by me. I made my own pattern. I used some felt I had put away and had never used.

 Here is a close up of the bunny. I used pink felt for her inner ears and for her feet. The pink felt on her feet is a heart I drew. She is holding 2 eggs I had cut and embellished last year.
 This close up is of the buttons I used as flowers. I have a million buttons and decided to use some on this layout. I made the flowers with buttons then I glued a bow made of ribbon. The butterfly is actually a ribbon all made of butterflies. I cut some of them out and glued them randomly.
 I cut the grass with the Martha Stewart scissors. They are wonderful to have.
 More flowers I made with the buttons. The rick-rack ribbon I used as the stems I bought this saturday at a garage sale. Loved it and knew when I bought what I would use it for. The ribbon was my inspiration to help me finish the layout.

Here is a better photo of the flowers. I used my Ek Success scalloped punch for the two sheets across the bottom. Then I stickled the edges. 

 The basket I made by cutting strips of brown cardstock and then weaving them. I secured the edges with tape. I glued some eggs and the grass to the back of the basket. I made the handle with a hoola girl skirt from the dollar store. I took three pieces and braided them together. I topped it off with a bow.  

Please leave a comment on what you think. Will be back soon with another layout.


Teri Berrios

VERY VERY CUTE!! Love the EGG house :) That bunny turned out adorable. Hugs, T (Loving your new blog look!!)


I love the use of ribbon in this layout. I have beautiful ribbon like this and never know what to do with it. Thanks for the great ideas.


Love this LO too, the little door with the lace is o very pretty. Super cut, my friend!

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