Thursday, February 24, 2011

PINK phone

Can you believe I have a pink phone? My dear husband found it and immediately thought I would love it. OF course I did. I love it. It really works but because it is not a cordless phone I will just have it for displaying right next to my fireballs. Love those suckers.    I hope you all like it.

I will be back soon to show you my latest layout.

Some other news. I am taking a Donna Downey class this sunday.  Teri Beri will be with us and her daughter Kasi will also be joining us. Lots of fun this sunday meeting and creating with Donna. Can't wait.


Teri Berrios

WHAT A CUTE PHONE!!!! It's perfect for your room and you put it right next to those yummy fireballs.....even Kasi noticed LOL
Oye dude (LMAO) we are going to have a blast Sunday....can't wait - WOOOOO HOOOOO!!!!!
Hugs, T


Loving that phone Ana, so pretty and it goes just right with your gorgeous scraproom. Loved Donna's class on Sun. it was so nice to see and spend some time again. Can't wait to see you new lo.


Shelloooo u know fireballs are my thing! Love those suckers. Nina, a mi por poco se me cae la lengua con eso. omg, I literally burned it. hahahaha
love the phone. I actually want to get one of these for Mia's room. I want to get her the one from Pottery Barn with the white polka dots, have you seen it? super cute!
anyway, everything looks soooo super cute!!!!
Enjoy it, loca!

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