Monday, August 29, 2011

A Favor and Request....

Hello everyone.  I am subscribed to Gabrielle Pollacco's blog  ( and she had a story that really touched my heart. She was requesting for us to send a card to Olivia. Her story can be read here You can go to either one of the blogs to find out more information. At Gabrielle's blog just scroll down and where you see Olivia's name you click on it. It will be in blue. To go directly to read on Olivia go to Stacy's blog.

Thank you so much and please Pray for her and her family. Last I read was that she had already had surgery and the tumor had been removed. They were waiting on when to start her treatments. You can read on that also on the blog.



I know her story, OMG pobresita. But, she is doing better.


Ana, I haven't been here for a bit. I got behind on my blog reading trying to get ready for a party but I am catching up now. So sorry to hear about this sweet little girl How scary for her family. I did follow up though and it seems like she is doing very well. The power of prayer.

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