Friday, December 2, 2011

new pin cushions

Ok, so now that I have finally finished the Christmas decorations post (not really, I have some more pictures of the outside), I wanted to share 3 more pin cushions I have made. I also altered 2 spools.

 Here is my Halloween boot pin cushion. I added lots of bling.
 Notice the skull heads on the front.
 I added to the heel of the boot a spider. Doesn't it look cute? These are some new flowers I found in some warehouses.
 This boot pin cushion I left pink. I added black bling and tulle bows and some trim to the bottom and the heel.

 Here is the blue boot pin cushion. I added lace trims, ceramic flowers and some pearl swirls.

 I made these 2 spools after purchasing a ziplock full of them at a garage sale for $1.00. I had a lot of fun altering these. I did not know what to do with them and then after watching a couple of youtube videos I decided to try it. This is the front of them.
Here is the back. I left the pink one the same all around. The black one is a little different on the back. I added some ceramic flowers.

I will be back with some other projects I have been working on.



These are all adorable!

Blessed Serendipity

These are so incredible!



I know there some amazing ladies on You Tube. These are lovely and your pins look so beautiful. I love the altered spools.

Ivy and Elephants

This is absolutely adorable. I love the pin cushions and the altered spools. Just beautiful.


Sassy Scrapper

I love love love them!!!!!!!!!!
Hugs Bonnie

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