Saturday, November 27, 2010

Black Friday shopping

Well I hope everyone had a wonderful Turkey Day and then a great Black Friday shopping Day. I know I did. At 9:30pm a friend of mine Dayami came over to gowith my husband and I shopping at Walmart for the cricut and cricut cartridges. As you all know I own the baby, the white expression and also the red, so ofcourse I did NOT get another one. Not that I did not want to purchase the yellow one since that is my all time favorite color. My friend Dayami purchased the lime green and we both purchased the cartridges, Jolly Holidays and Twinkle Toes. But the best part is when we got their we stood like 2 sargeants in front of the palet holding the cartridges and machine. Dayami kept telling my husband that when they gave the OK to open the containers to make sure he got her a lime green one. (We were so excited to get the things we wanted that we forgot to videotape the adventure.) But when the manager said open the containers she began to scream out my husbands name to help her get her lime green cricut. The lime green one was all the way at the bottom of the palet, my husband literally threw all the other colors to the floor and grabbed hers. She yelled and jumped up and down for joy like a 6 year old getting a gift. Boy was she excited and happy. My husband is such a sweet heart he asked me several times to get the color that I wanted. Even as we were paying he asked me which color I wanted but I said no.
The funny part of the whole shopping was when the manager gave the OK to open the packages, it began in the front of the store and we were all the way in the back, it sounded like someone was with a machine gun shooting and Dayami and I both just freaked out and just froze until we realized what was going on. At that point I grabbed the Jolly Holidays and the Twinkle Toes cartridges. This was at 11:30pm but we were not able to pay until midnight because the registers were not giving the sale prices till then.
We got home at 1:30am and talked and laughed at the mission we had until 2 am. At that time Dayami went back home and we went to bed.
I was up at 7:15am and we went to the Paper Niche to turn in a layout and then my husband took me to the jewelry store to get me the Pandora bracelet that I had been wanting. When we walked into the store, he told the girl to make sure that I filled it up. I chose 11 charms plus the bracelet. I think I did enough damage for the first time going. I will eventually fill it up and start a second one. I have marked in the book the others that I want. LOL. I saw him looking at the book tonight to see what I had marked. I am sure by the time Christmas comes around I will have it filled all the way.
So I am glad that I did not get the expression (even thought I really wanted it) because I got a nicer gift.

Tonight Dayami and I have been on I chat, talking and cutting with the new cartridge Jolly Holiday. We both cut the same things and tomorrow will continue to finish the layout we both want to do. She will probably come over to finish it together.

As I said in the beginning of the post I hope you all had as much fun as we did shopping.



omg!! it was sooo hilarious!!! I've thought about it for 2 days now, ha!
next year we'll take the flip for sure.


I'm so glad you guys had a great time, how fun to shop with a friend. But, yes you must film this next year. I think I know who Dayami is, not personally but through YouTube, she has an amazing scraproom and the cutest kids ever.



OMG! the Christmas village and the rest of the house look amazing. I love it. I'm glad you had fun!

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