Sunday, November 28, 2010

Looking alot like Christmas

Hello blogger friends,
 Kitchen x-mas tree, in blues, silvers and greens with snowmans.

 Dining room table. Finally found a runner long enough for the table. found it at Costco, it is 6 feet long. Love it.

 This picture is of the fireplace in our living room. The tree is decorated with red and greens and some blues. The bears are animated my mom sent them to me about 15 years ago from Tennessee which she bought at a garage sale.

This is the village which my husband and I have been collecting for years from department 56.  This year I did not want to put up a huge display so this is what we did. As it is there are about 42 houses.

This picture is a close up of one of the houses in the village. It is called the Ice Palace. It is all white and the top dome changes colors. So this year I decided to put it as Santa's home.  Santa has a list in his hand with all the good boys and girls names on it.

This is the top part of our Christmas tree which is in our family room. I love the traditional red and green theme. The elf on the tree is about 3 feet tall. He sits on a branch and has a bird sitting on his hand.

This last picture is of my husbands office. I put up this tree for now until he brings me another 3 foot tree tomorrow. For now this will have to do. It has different ornaments, including a hammer, a wrench and some other tools that I cannot remember. My husband is a contractor that explains the tools. 

Just wanted to share with you what has been going on around here this weekend. I have not done much scrapping except a little bit of cutting with my RED cricut and the new Lite cartridge Jolly Holiday.  I did not get one of the new ones from Walmart but this is like if it was new. I have only used it once and that was last year on black friday. Now that I  have finally finished the inside of the house I can go back to scrapping.  I am so very happy. I took these pictures of the house today to share with you all.  Hope you all enjoy them as much as I am. 



Love , love all of your amazing decor, your house must look like a Christmas book. I love that village, just gorgeous. The Thanksgving pic in my blog is not my house, I just like the picture. I have to finish my Christmas decor. I love Christmas.

Teri Berrios

WOW my friend...that's a lot of work but I LOVE every single part of your home decor....that village is to die mother would LOVE it!!! Hugs, T


I think I meant to write on this section: This village is beautiful! the rest of the house looks amazing. WoW! Very impressive!!!

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