Saturday, November 13, 2010

Garage Sale find

If you know me you know that I am a garage sale junkie. I have been going to garage sales since I was probably in diapers. Thanks to my MOM. We are 3 sisters and 2 of us love them. When I had my girls I use to take them with me. One day they will appreciate all of the great finds and attend them religiously as I do. When they were about 4 I would give them there own money and they would pay for what they wanted. They began to look forward to going to them as time went by, I would give them the choice to stay home sleeping with Dad or come with me and of course they would get up and leave with me. Now I have my husband hooked into them and we go everywhere and anywhere.  Today I found a couple of things and decided to post my finds in my blog to share with you all. Those that love garage sales can appreciate my finds. I know I am. I found this frame and thought I had to have it and hang it in my home.  I purchased these 3 precious moments. I started the collection for my oldest daughter but now that she is in college she no longer wants them so I have kept them and have continued the collection. Maybe someday she or my youngest (also in college) will want them for there children. I also found a rocking chair. I did not take a picture of that but I love rocking chairs. I plan on putting it outside in my patio with the others that I have found. Hope you enjoy my post even though it had nothing to do with scrapbooking.


Teri Berrios

I love those finds.....the quote on the frame is so true and those Precious Moments are adorable!! Hugs, T

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