Saturday, November 13, 2010

Nativity set # 1

Hey everyone, I wanted to post last night what I had been up to last night, but by the time I was done I was exhausted. My eyes were blurring out and my head was pounding. As you know I am big time and I mean BIG TIME into paper piecing. Most of my layouts if not all have something to do with paper piecing. I either buy the patterns or draw my own. I went into My scrap chick website and decided to purchase the Nativity seen set. Boy was this a big mistake. Not a mistake but a challenge. There are so many pieces to each character that I think I will never finish. I have only been able to cut the first set and then redo it on the color paper I have chosen. If you have the SCAL then I would assume it is easier and faster. I do not own this program so mine is all cut by hand. Let me tell you I started at about 8:30pm and did not finish until 1am. I was the whole entire time cutting with my scissors. But I finally finished the manger, Joseph, Mary, the stable and the star. I still have a long way to go before I am done. But I will finish. PROMISE and when I do I will post them all done. For now I will leave you with the first set. Also the other picture shows all of the other patterns I need to still cut and then trace onto my color of choice paper I decide to use and then cut those. Lots of work but by the time it is finished it will all be worth it. I still have the 3 wise men, the camel, 3 sheep, 3 angel and the 3 shephards.


Teri Berrios

I would die if I had to hand cut all those are the Paper Piecing QUEEN girl!!!! I LOVE your first cut.....THAT IS AWESOME!!! Hugs, T


wooooooooooow! Lots of work but it looks awesome!!!

I love your scraproom! Could you tell me where you found your two white bookshelves? They are beautiful!

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