Thursday, November 4, 2010

New Pictures

Hello my followers.
First thing. I have been able to finally fix my blog. I was able to download the new background. I love this fall background. I had so much fun downloading it. My poor husband was with me along the way. Thanks to him I was able to do it. At one point I was going to give up and he kept on telling me what to do.
I am uploading pictures of my room. I love my room. It is my happy place. The time I am not cleaning, cooking, doing yard work or playing with my dog Roscoe I am in this room. Actually, everyone that comes to visit ends up in this room. This really is my happy place. I hope you all enjoy taking a look at my room. I will soon be posting a tour of my room. I will go into details of how I organize my things. For now enjoy the pictures.
The first picture shows the entrance to my laundry room (look Teri your banner, Love it), the armoire stores my albums and my bags to go to crops. The frame on top of the armoire was made with the cricut by my husband and I. The second picture shows the other side of the laundry room ( don't you just love the banner) where I have alot of my pattern papers and on the bottom is one of the cubes from Target with baskets holding different stuff. The next picture is showing my work stations. I have 4 for friends to come over and scrap with me. I also teach every once in awhile at home so this is really comfortable to have. The painting on the wall is of Alladin (my favorite). My niece drew it for me. The last picture is of the back part of my scraproom. The picture window on the back has my most recent layouts hanging from it. The next 2 stations on the back hold my 2 cricuts (a red one and the white one), my clip it up, my cuttle bug and my MAC computer. I love my Mac. That was my anniversary gift. You can also see the shelves on the side that hold alot of my goodies in jars, baskets, cricut cartridges well you get the picture. When I do my video which will be the tour of my room I will be more specific with everything.


Teri Berrios

HI ANA!!! OMG ♥ the new look of your blog and THANKS TO YOU....I just fixed mine LOL!!!!! I was able to move the SHABBYBLOG.COM to the bottom of the right hand column instead of over my blog post title - THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

YES your room is paradise girl.. I ♥♥♥ it!!!

Chit chat soon!!
Hugs, T

Maria Elena

Great pics of your room... everything is so pretty, Your room is a perfect haven !

Have a great Monday ;-)

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