Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Anniversary gift

Hello everyone,
I just got my anniversary gift. My anniversary is on October 31, yes, Halloween day. We were married on that special day. We both love the holiday so decided that was good day for us to marry. Well back to the gift. He got me a new computer. Not just a computer but the apple wireless 21.5 inch. It is so cool, now I just have to learn how to use this baby. It is so nice and big. One of the best things is that the keyboard and the mouse are both wireless, and no cords. Only the one to the power and the one for the internet. I hate seeing all those cords. I will post pictures once I learn how to use it. I will be getting my first training on tuesday November 2nd. Can't wait. Well this is all for now, I know boring but I will be posting soon and have pictures. I have a new layout but need to glue everything down. Once I have it all done I will post the pictures.


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