Monday, October 4, 2010

satrudays challenge

OK, as you will all know I did not finish all the challenges. I did do 6 of the 8 challenges. I am proud of myself because I had never done this before. I am not a card maker nor do I know anything about bloggin. As you can see my blog is a mess right now. I can't get to fix it. I did call a dear friend to help me with entering my projects. Thanks you, thank you and thank you "T". You know who you are.

I think I did a pretty good job with the challenges. Atleast, I hope. I did not do the last 2 because my poor husband was waiting all day for us to hang out together. We are always together and I mean always. On saturdays we go out to breakfast and then head out to the Garage Sales. I love them. My mother got all of us girls addicted to it and now my husband is part of the addiction. We even take our dog Roscoe with us. He is such a cutie. He feels so important because everyone that sees him pets him. He is a orange, redish, blonde Golden Retriever.

I leave you with a picture of the 6 challenges that I entered. I hope you all like them.

Well I hope for all those who entered had the same amount of fun that I did.
Thank you to Cristina at www.creationswithcristina. com, also thank you to Teri at, and to all of the companies and people who made incredible donations for the prizes.


Teri Berrios

aawww you're welcome Ana!! Thank you for participating and we are glad you had a great time!!!
Hugs, T

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